Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Yorkers Prove that They are Epitome of Stupid

<--Things smarter than Hillary.

Since our collective intelligence in this country cannot be trusted to recall what was consumed for breakfast, I figured that I would point out history, yet again.

Back in 1991, a criminal from Arkansas ran for President and won, much to the distain of people that can tie their own shoes and count. With him, he brought the single most disgusting human being that most of us had ever seen in our lifetimes. She was promptly heralded by our national media as "The Smartest Woman to Ever Live." Please keep in mind, the intelligence pyramid used by the mainstream media has its point at the bottom.

And it brought on the resurgence of sanity in politics. We have since denied that sanity. Again. Even after the longest expansion of our national economy in its brief history.

"The Smartest Woman to Ever Live" has just been soundly defeated in a national campaign to choose the candidate of the moron party. By a bag of sand. This bag of sand is now portrayed by the very same national news organizations as the Obamessiah. And at his feet, the media grovel. Yet we completely discount the fact that those very same media morons had glowingly portrayed Hillary as "smart." Smart enough to lose to a bag of sand.

The hurtful thing is that this behavior will continue to cycle into our collective conscience. There is no denying it and we will forever fall victim to that same madness, if we continue to exhibit the same behavior.

I blame New York completely and totally for all the death and destruction that shall come from an Obama Presidency. Y'all are dumb and shall never CHANGE. BELIEVE it.

Revisionist history is awesome.