Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yet Another Problem with Barry (UPDATED!)

Look, I am one of the main ones that keeps saying if you want to round up the morons, criminals and deadbeats in your area, go get the Democrat Voter Registration rolls, but dang, do you really think that Democrats are so stupid that they would refuse to vet their Chosen One (pbuh) to see if he was actually eligible to become President?

Yeah, they are that stupid, sorry.

Is Barry actually a "natural born" citizen of the United States? Well, it depends on what your meaning of "is" is. We know that his father was Kenyan, so that is a deadend, and we know that his mother was eighteen when she gave birth. I am not interested enough in what Stanley Ann did in her life to actually Google her name, but she was born in Kansas to two natural born citizens, alledgedly.

The law says that if both parents are natural born, then no problem, the spawn is as well, but we have kinda degraded that a bit. Two Mexicans can illegally gain access to this country and spawn and that makes their kid natural born. Yes, that is stupid, but it is what we have allowed. No help there, huh?

Here it is in a nutshell. The fact that Barry keeps publishing falsified documents "proving" his birth, leads me to believe that he IS NOT a natural born citizen, even though that hospital in Hawaii has said that he was born there. The only hiccup could possibly come from Stanley Ann putting her citizenship down as something other than the United States. Granted, she was not opposed to that, she hated our country from all accounts that I have seen. Well, maybe that is where Barry got his love for fascism and his hatred for all that is American. He couldn't have gotten those traits from his father, he only saw Dumbshit McStupidhead Sr. one time after Barry turned two years old.

Now, would Democrats run someone that was NOT a natural born citizen for President? Hell yeah, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Che, Mussolini, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Mugabe, the list is endless.

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UPDATE: About an hour after I posted this bumbling crap, another article hit my reader. THIS points to even more underhanded stuff. Could it be that Barry really isn't eligible to be President? Naw, it simply could not be. They really can't be that damn stupid, can they? It simply cannot be possible that there exist people involved in politics that are this stupid. That is just too damn scary to me to believe. It can't be true, huh?