Friday, July 04, 2008

Talking Back to Stupid People - Part II

I do get hate mail. That can be expected in today's political climate of a bunch of panty-wearing booty boys that get their bouffant up at the least little wind, but crap man, don't you have anything better to do than argue with me about homosexuality? When did they stop passing out cups?

E-mail from a Nancy-boy reader:

Since you do not have the guts to post under your real name, I guess that you are trying to hide your real self. It is apparent from your last few posts that you are a homophobe. Usually this points to an underlying desire to engage in that activity yourself. You need to think about that.

Well, okay there, Charlotte. Odd that you would pick today to send this love note, but I guess that it is appropriate. Two hate mails in the same week telling me to think. Here ya' go, the ol' seven second response, because seriously, your e-mail is so stupid, I can do this without even stopping to think, the words will just leap from my fingers into beautiful prose. <--Someone e-mail me and tell me what prose is, okay?

I could not care less if someone is homosexual. Really, I have tried, when I was younger (and I live in the South), to get all up in arms about men loving on men and women loving on women, but I just do not care. I do have a problem with anyone showing any type of lewd behavior in public and the majority of those that I have seen engaging in that type of behavior ARE homosexual. It ain't right, boy, there are kids around. Kids do not need to learn that type of behavior from anyone other than their parents, sex should be an act shared by two individuals that care deeply one for another. IN PRIVATE!!!!!

Now, the only real problem that I have with the homosexual community on a philosophical level is this: if you are an adult, you should be able to do as you choose as long as it doesn't harm others. The thing that gets me about homosexuals is that they try to maintain the idea that they were born that way. Right or wrong, I do not care. What I do care about is if you think that behavior is right, then why would you try to mask it by saying, "I can't help it, I was born this way?" Doesn't that lend one to assume that you would change it if you could? So, how right does that seem? Just say this instead, "I choose to live a homosexual lifestyle because this is a free country and it makes me happy. Remember what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence?"

I give you that at no charge there, Einstein. My suggestions are always free, but I doubt that you will follow my suggestions, you are too stupid to see the overwhelming truth in anything written by someone that is not an ass-kissing "Progressive."

Now, from a Biblical standpoint, it is simply not possible to come to the conclusion that homosexuality is right, quit trying. You will always lose that argument. And you do not go to church anyway. Live with it.

This is the United States of America and you are free. This country allows you to hump whom you choose as long as they choose to hump you back. It's a great country, quit hating it! Try your lifestyle in Cuba or Brazil for that matter. No, just because they play soccer doesn't mean everyone there is gay, that is just silly. Even some Brazilians hate soccer.

Now, if by a stroke of insanity, I misread your e-mail and it is just about me referring to sissies and saying stuff like "get your purse dirty" then you must understand that even heterosexual men can be pansies, sissies, and booty-boys. Just look at Barry Obama or John Edwards. Those are sissies and both are married. Fred Thompson? Not a sissy.

If it is about the hair, there are even a couple of photos of me on this very blog with hair halfway down my back. Here's a kicker, I actually had earrings, too! Not those damn plug things though, those are just gay.

Go kiss a man, man!

Theodore Roosevelt <--MY REAL NAME!!!


Joubert said...

Now Theodore, you really aren't a mean ol' meanie and I like your "don't fence me in" attitude to "nancy boys" but, as I said to you on my blog, really truly honestly - some of us were born that way. Not all. Some get into the lifestyle because they are simply sex pigs. But some of us were born sissy boys. Fortunately my dad was worldly wise and told me I'd be beaten up if I didn't toughen up and he made me do boxing.

I won't go into detail here. I'll save that for my own blog but my theory is that some of us are born queer and love other guys romantically. It's got nothing to do with sex. The sex part may develop later but is mostly blown out of proportion by homosexuals.

Joubert said...

After 30 years in the USA, I thought I knew all the differences between American English and British English but I must have missed the was Americans use the word sissy. In South Africa (and the UK) a sissy is fag but there are straight sissies too which we call drips.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am certainly not claiming to be the representative dictionary here, but with the additional knowledge about this topic that you offered, I certainly think that better explanations to the way that I use words might be in order.

A glossary!

Two Dogs said...

I am certainly not claiming to be the representative dictionary here, but with the additional knowledge about this topic that you offered, I certainly think that better explanations to the way that I use words might be in order.

A glossary!