Friday, July 04, 2008

Whoops! Confusion Rages in the Blaggyweb

Today being the observed "Independence Day" has presented a few problems for those posting on the blaggyweb. Hopefully, I can clear that up for y'all.

Define: Patriotism - Love of country; devotion to the welfare of one's country; the virtues and actions of a patriot; the passion which inspires one to serve one's country.

Oddly, I did not serve in the military, it is the one thing that I have true regret about. Seems that I have a little problem with deafness that kept me from becoming the ultimate killing machine sanctioned by the United States of America. And I certainly do not define "serving one's country" as being anything other than serving in the military. Being a government employee or elected official is DEFINITELY NOT "serving one's country." Therefore, regretfully, I cannot be considered a "patriot." I can certainly say that I indeed love this great country and will go to any lengths to defend her, but still, I cannot lay claim to "being a patriot."

Neither can anyone who did not serve in the military. Unless you want to redefine "patriotism."

Now, let's look at the definition of another word, "sedition."

Define: sedition - the organized incitement of rebellion or civil disorder against authority or the state.

If we want to use the actual definitions of these two particular words, see if you can determine which is which from these articles. Let's link them as "Conservative" and "Progressive" so we don't hurt the Democrats feelings and question their non-existent "patriotism."


Progressive-The Progressive


Progressive-Gateway Pundit Reports

Conservative-Stop the ACLU

Progressive-Stop the ACLU Reports


Progressive-Daily Kosshiteater

Conservative-David Drake

Progressive - Crooks and Liars, not one Independence Day post. Sorry, framers, this day did not happen for them.

Last, but certainly not least, MUD. Read his whole damn blog and figure out which way he leans.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but we certainly don't count in your opinion - because although we served in uniform and have the DD-214's to prove it - as does Kos, and all the progressive vets at VetVoice - but since we lean left and question the stupidity of this president - all the years of service we gave are negated in the eyes of the so-called "right."

Paul Mitchell said...

Yes, there were some on the left that did serve, y'all are the overwhelming minority. Kos served three years, fucking wow, he couldn't quit fast enough. I keep underwear longer than that. That is the standard service of the few on the left that serve and if you are honest you will agree. These guys for the most part didn't have money for college, they cashed in and whooops the Army actually fights and they didn't like that shit one bit. That doesn't make them heros or patriots and when they come home and pull a Kerry it just diminishes them even more.

When I said that to be a patriot you must have served in the military, that doesn't mean that ALL ex-military are patriots.

The fact that you would question the "stupidity" instead of the "intelligence" of a sitting President is telling, and since he was obviously smarter than all the Democrats combined that makes the derangement all that much more bitter for y'all. Get a grip dude, you hate everything about this country and that's your right. Even though you served, you learned nothing except a love for fascism like most of the left.

If the Left would just be honest, they would at least get some respect from me, but how many people could you get elected if you ran on the currently unspoken platform of taking everyone's complete paycheck to give to deadbeats, allowing every other country to dominate us, killing every single unborn child, and having no electricity or cars or jobs?

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, I forgot, define: progressive. When you desperately cling to socialist/collectivist tenents for your entire belief system, the word should become "regressive." And worshipping policies that have been proven to fail every single time they are tried should tell you that you should question your own "stupidity."

Anonymous said...

And worshipping policies that have been proven to fail every single time they are tried should tell you that you should question your own "stupidity."

Hoover, now bu$h. It takes a republican to totally drive the economy into the ditch. Thanks for proving my point for me.

Enjoy your last days of power, the republican brand is effed for at least a generation - by the way - you know fuck-all about our service, but we are a dual retiree family. The oath we took was to the Constitution and this president has sullied it. I swore to uphold that document above all, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

That you can think of aWol as "intelligent" and are apparently not a parody made me spew coffee on my keyboard.

Y'all have 199 days left - make the most of 'em, cuz when they are gone, they ain't coming back for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

f the Left would just be honest, they would at least get some respect from me, but how many people could you get elected if you ran on the currently unspoken platform of taking everyone's complete paycheck to give to deadbeats, allowing every other country to dominate us, killing every single unborn child, and having no electricity or cars or jobs?

That is a pretty scary platform! Too bad it is a fiction of the right and totally unfounded in reality, but y'all never let facts get in the way of a good two-minute-hate.

How is breaking the middle class and putting all the tax burden on them while giving tax breaks to the rich and to gigantic corporations "taking 100% 0of everyones paycheck"? How is diplomacy "domination"? How do you get allowing women to exercise controll over their own bodies the "desire to kill every unborn child"? Who said anything about wanting to do away with electricity (brought to the countryside by Democrats, by the way) or cars?

Your hyperbolic ejaculations mark you a foam-flecked authoritarian lunatic.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, Hoover's policies are actually the same as Barry's, higher tariffs, taxes on the wealthy, blah, blah, blah. Read something before you say something.

Oddly, enough, the economy did not go south until around November of 2006, does it escape you what exactly happened then? Gas prices are up over 170% since that time. What happened to cause that? Magic? Or could it be because of the folks that are making tons of money strictly because of the stupid policies of Pelosi and company?

I do not know anything about your service and did not personally denigrate you at all, but just because you say it doesn't make it true, remember your Winter Soldiers? Leftist ex-soldiers are rare. I find it very hard to believe that you are retired and actually use that ridiculous "bu$h" in your missive, that is more in line with being seventeen and wearing plugs in your ears and following Phish or the Dead.

Bush was awol? Puhlease. Mindnumbingly stupid statement.

And if y'all get the policies enacted that you are pushing, it will be yet another conservative movement as if the last one ever really died, just as when Carter enacted the very same things. Y'all keep forgeting history.

Paul Mitchell said...

"Your hyperbolic ejaculations mark you a foam-flecked authoritarian lunatic."

I like that style of writing. That is the only thing that you have written that was actually worth a read. Kudos.

You kinda swapped up your point on the paycheck thing, but your annointed one has already what he would do with his tax policies. His idea would be to shift 131 billion from the wealthy to the middle class. There is an article on my site pointing that out. he also pointed out that he would roll back the tax cuts to the wealthiest which added 4% to revenues, I might add. Redistribution of wealth from those who earn it to those who don't is the platform of the Democrats because they have to get someone to vote for them, but it certainly isn't anyone that works. One down.

Corporations do not pay taxes, Homer. Shareholders do, those are the very people that you are proposing to defend with punitive taxation. Two down.

Diplomacy is not your new Woodrow Wilson trying to get the League of Nations passed. I think that we, that possess even basic intelligence, can all agree that Barry has no clue how to handle any international relations, hence every single despot and dictator on the planet backing Barry. Barry even agrees with my statement shown by his constant crawfishing on anything that he says regarding any type of diplomacy.

"Women exercising control over their bodies" (WTF?) should start with birthcontrol or maybe just not sleeping with every swinging cock to come down the pike. Yours was a stupid point. Just drop that, it is asinine. Even the "kill all unborn" crowd claims that abortion should be "safe but rare." Even they know it is wrong by uttering that statement. Abortion is disgusting and you know it.

When you do away with the use of pertroleum, nuclear, and coal, you do away with electricity and transportation, your party has almost accomplished that already with the cars and your artificially high price of gasoline. All of your points are completely refuted. What you do with the facts are completely up to yoou. You can ignore them if you want to, but that would probably be a bad thing.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

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Paul Mitchell said...

PoL was nice. Randian, much?

And Uspace, I went through the entire posted e-book of yours, most of the links are very familiar. Nice work, sir/ma'am/undecided.

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanking me for all your good work is kinda silly, David.