Sunday, August 24, 2008

The All-Race-All-the-Time Candidate Wants You Dead

Please bear with me, but the fact that Barry Obama is not in a nuthouse simply stuns me. I envision him wearing a straitjacket with a heavy rubber thing in his mouth to keep him from biting off his tongue. In other words, this guy is certifiably insane. Since yesterday morning, when Dopey Seriouslystupidmoronhead announced that he had found someone that is almost as stupid as he is to be his running mate, I have been reading even more about Barry. After approximately 250,000 words, I have yet to run across any action that he has ever undertaken that makes a minuscule bit of sense. He doesn't possess one single attribute that is positive. Not one.

To put that last statement in perspective, even Chairman Mao reduced crime.

Let's review Barry's stance on crime. When Bill Ayers, Barry's handler and unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist, wrote an idiotic book called A Kind and Just Parent addressing the problems with youth crime, Barry wrote an review of the book in the Chicago Tribune calling the book "a searing and timely account."

To tell the entire story of that book that Obama loved, I need just tell you what Bill Ayers testified at a murder trial with regards to a murdering teen gang member:
Ayers calls him "nervous, a little shy  .  .  .  eager to please." The prosecutor responds: "Would you call shooting someone eight times at close range 'eager to please?'" Actually, Ayers effectively does do this, opening his book with the claim that a young murderer had "slavishly followed the orders" of his gang leader, rather than acting of his own free will.

To further point out how stupid Barry is, he spoke out loudly against a bi-partisan crime bill in Illinois that would allow juveniles to avoid adult prison IF they could stay out of trouble.

Lemme 'splain that last paragraph. Hypothetical situation: A kid commits a crime that allows him to tried as an adult, you know, murder, rape, or armed robbery. Instead of slapping that kid into the adult prison system and becoming the cock pincushion for all of the hardened adult criminals, the bill allowed for the kid to received a "blended sentence." This means that he would get juvenile detention with parole and then probation. If he screwed up during/after serving that sentence, he would have to report to do his "adult time" and cuddle up to the shower rape.

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal for the little thug, right?

Barry fought the passage of that legislation tooth and nail. The reason that he fought it was that he assumed the state would have to build more prisons to serve the blended sentence criminals and taking that money from his set-asides was completely unacceptable. Plus, he hearts criminals, like Bill Ayers. When the bill finally came up for a vote, despite all of Barry's attempted manipulating to keep that from ever happening, a last minute change by the governor made it something that Barry could support that would allow him to get elected to higher office and not reveal his philosophy of freeing criminals and being pro-crime.

Not only that, but in 1998, Barry was one of only three Illinois state legislature morons that voted AGAINST a bill making it illegal for convicts free on parole or bail to associate with known gang members. Uh, how much sense does that make?

Go read the entire ARTICLE. Barry is a tool.

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