Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barrykkake! A Plethora of Morons

Heading into the general election season, Barry picks the idiotic racist gaffe-fest of Joe Biden as his running mate and the friggin' wheels come completely off in one single day!

Barry says that the United States should model ourselves after China. Barry thinks that Beijing is better than the United States!

Next up, Barry introduces his running mate, the next PRESIDENT of the United States!

To paraphrase future President Biden, Barry looks so clean and sounds so articulate in the preceeding clip, huh?

Biden then returns the favor of Barry's earlier massive exhibition of stupidity and calls Barry WHAT? WHO? HUH?

By the way, HERE's Barack America in his superhero costume.

This election cycle is going to be friggin' hilarious!!!1111!!!!!

How long do you think that Joe Biden will remain as Barry's VP pick? Well, when those on the left realize that Joe Biden has been receiving money, his brother, Jim, has received phone calls from Dickie Scruggs, and Joe's son (a LOBBYIST!) is corresponding with the Democrat Party bigwigs that all went to jail in Mississippi, the gaffe-fest probably can't last too long. Git 'em while they're hot!

The list of corruption surrounding Joe Biden is so long, that even Barry Obama is impressed, since his vetting process missed all of that or deems it unimportant. SNIPPETS HERE.

Everyone, laugh and point at the idiotic douchebags. And by "douchebags," I mean the Democrat candidates AND their supporters.