Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Obamoron Hits a Homerun

...for the resurgence of socialism.

Most folks are jabbering this morning about Barry's sandpoundingly stupid pick of Joe Biden for VP. What they are failing to realize is that Barry couldn't actually find a more liberal Democrat that has any experience to bolster his lack of knowledge on anything. Biden is almost more liberal than any of the Democrat idiots in the House and struggles daily to possess more intelligence than Obama. Mostly, it's a tie for equality of stupidity between them.

Also note that this ticket is MORE liberal than a Noam Chomsky/Ward Churchill ticket would be. Both Obama and Biden are both passivists and never served in our military, Noam Chomsky is not a passivist and Ward Churchill served in Vietnam.

Vote Obama/Biden '08, it's the Dumbest and Dumbest ticket!

What people fail to believe, or maybe it's just to understand, is that government control of anything hurts everyone in this country. There is one thing that can destroy the great country and its name is "liberalism." If you will notice from the chart (click it to swole it), only Sheldon Whitehouse separates Obama, the most liberal senator from Biden, the third most liberal senator. Even Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, is more conservative than both Obama and Biden. An self-proclaimed socialist is more conservative than these two guys. Fuck me running.

Another word on Sheldon Whitehouse. He is the guy that beat uber-liberal Republican, Lincoln Chafee, the son, in the last election. So at least he has that going for him.

Now some history and a description of what a Obama/Biden administration will bring to this country. I think that I have covered Barry Obama's stupidity enough in the past, he is a moron of Biblical proportions. Now, lemme tell you about this Joe Biden character.

First, Joe Biden is of the age where he would have served in the military because of the draft, but never did. Wonder why? My guess is that he was borderline retarded and the Army didn't want him. (he wasn't drafted for medical reasons) He attended college during the turbulent times of the Sixties and received a far-left typical college education. In other words, he is a simpering hippie. He probably even inflates his scrotum and parades around naked in public. Although, to his credit, there are no pictures of him and his inflated scrotum on the Webbynets. That is the only good thing that I can find about Joe Biden anywhere.

Biden has held a real job for three years in his entire sixty-five years of polluting this earth. Well, he worked for a law firm for one year and then was elected to his local city council to manipulate his income as a lawyer. He is the consummate politician. He was first elected to the Senate in 1972 at the age of thirty. Yes, that IS the minimum age for a Senator. He has never left since that time. He is the typical, dictionary-picture, liberal bureaucrat with absolutely no knowledge at all of what this country is except for trying his damn level best to make it into the Utopia of Socialism. In other words, Joe Biden HATES freedom.

Now, about his character. Shortly after being elected to the US Senate, his family was involved in a car accident. His wife and small daughter were killed and his two young sons were seriously injured. He abandoned his family to go play government instead. He doesn't even care about his own family. What do you think that he feels towards yours?

As early as 1974, Time Obama magazine recognized Biden as one of the up and comers in the Congress. What does that tell you?

Joe Biden has been campaigning since 1988 for Secretary General of the United Socialist States of America, that is his vision. He lost in the 1988 Democrat primaries because he was caught plagiarizing the speeches of Neil Kinnock of the British Labour Party. Does anyone need to tell you exactly what the British Labour Party advocates? Okay, they advocate SOCIALISM. Biden also plagiarized a law review article that he wrote when in his first year of law school. Translation: Biden is scum and cheats to get what he wants.

Biden's Senate record is awesome. The main thing that stands out about it is that he was the one that brought Major League Baseball to the Hill to talk about steroids. In other words, he is a textbook example of a simpering moron.

Furthermore, Joe Biden is also the first voice that raised the concern about Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, when Milosevic was arresting and containing the terrorist Muslim population there. Translation: Biden supports Muslim terrorism. I think that the rest of the civilized world admits now that Milosevic was very right that Muslims must be confronted in the only way that they understand. It might not be too much of a stretch to say that Biden was the very reason for the increasing of Muslim terrorism throughout the world and was one of the catalysts for Bill Clinton's idiotic mantra of only going to war in areas where it serves absolutely no purpose at all for the United States. Joe Biden's "foreign policy experience" caused the situations of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim uprisings in Somalia, the US Embassy bombings in Kenya (Obama's African family was involved) and Tanzania, the USS Cole bombing, and finally his vast "foreign policy experience" culminated in the destruction of the World Trade Center and over 3000 deaths on September 11, 2001. Yes, Joe Biden was in co-charge in the Senate of the very committee that was asleep at the wheel through the explosion of Muslim extremism around the world. Leftists might scream that the Republicans were in charge at that time, but if you will recall, there was a sharing of power during the early Republican majority. Bi-partisanship of the only kind that has ever been experienced in our country, by Republicans. Also, that is the kind of "foreign policy experience" that Joe Biden possesses. He ignores terrorism. What thinks you about that?

Oddly enough, with Biden's overwhelming lack of understanding of our US Constitution, he proposed pretty much the same thing in Iraq, a federalizing of their government. While I am certain that his form of federalism would possess a much stronger central government than the regional ones, it is still weird that he of all people would suggest that. He is very much Pro-Fascism. He tried to stop our country from performing the "military surge" that has proven to be the right response to escalating violence in Iraq, instead, he suggested a bureaucratic response. Wonder why he did that? Well, because according to him, the answer is always more government, to hide the fact that he is an utter incompetent. All he knows is bureaucracy, red tape, and oppression for personal gain.

Another claim to fame that Joe Biden has earned was to hold the Senate Judiciary Committee meetings on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. In other words, he is the person responsible for the Democrat strategy of "Borking" a nominee that doesn't meet the far-left ideology of morons. We got to hear about a pubic hair on a Coke can because of Joe Biden. And the pubic hair story turned out to be a lie. He reduced our Congress to the level of "he said/she said" and now, he wants to be the second in line to the Presidency. This probably lends even more credence to the type of Supremes that would be nominated by the Obama/Biden administration. That alone is terrifying.

In the coming days, you will hear every single moron in the national Barrystream Media talk about Biden's moderate stances on things. That is quite frankly, yet another lie from our media. Biden is almost as far to the left as Barry Obama. You know that you do not share these two moron's desires for your kids and family, very few people really do. Certainly, you do not want our great country to continue our slide toward the failed ideology of socialism. Please recall that everywhere socialism has been tried, it has resulted in the explosion of poverty, starvation of the people, and a ruling class that crushes the population under the jackboot of oppression. That is our future should we elect these two idiots and was our own country's past when we tried these things. Remember the late 1970's?

Oh, and please do not even think about forgetting that Biden is supported by Dickie Scruggs. In other words, Biden is a sleazy criminal hanger-on. HERE.

How have our country's people become so terribly misinformed and uneducated that Barry Obama and Joe Biden are not in jail or unemployed, much less being considered to "lead" us? What happened to our national concept of extremely limited government that produced the industrial revolution? Where are all the individualists and dreamers that yearn only to be free to produce what they can with the talents and intelligence that they possess? Have we all reduced ourselves to falling toward the depths of the least common denominator? Where is our backbone?

Hide the money folks, if this Dream Team gets elected, we will return to the 15% unemployment, 21% home mortgage rates, double-digit inflation, and appeasement policies of the Jimmy Carter era with no moderate Reagan waiting in the wings to bring us out of it. Certainly electing John McCain slows the slide somewhat.

Note: Yes, Ronald Reagan was very much a moderate politician. Just because he opposed Communist expansion, that does NOT make him conservative. Check it.

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