Monday, August 04, 2008

And Oddly Enough, It is Not A Mandated Holiday

Yes fellow plebeians, today is the great Obamoron's day of birth. All hail, The One.

Seriously, today Barry turns forty-seven. Remember, the Barrystream Media wants you to think that he is young. If elected to the presidency, he will be the youngest second youngest aw Hell, the FIFTH youngest president of this country.

That is like winning your division, yet losing in the division series.

Since talking poorly about the Obamessiah is considered racist, just know that I am only talking about his white half. His black half is a stinking genius, but his white half comes from a trailer park, deep in the Appalachians, lives in a shack put together with stolen building materials, and drives a rusted out 1979 Trans-Camaro.

This makes him, let's do the math. His black half has an IQ 140, his white half has an IQ of 50, average that and he actually possesses an IQ of 95, which does put in him the "somewhat able to perform very basic mathematical calculations" column.

Happy Birthday, Barry, I have proven that despite all the evidence to the contrary, you are NOT the dumbest human alive.

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(Image shamelessly stolen from Caption This! Again, because I suck at blogging.)