Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Drive-by Blogging

Busy today, folks. Gotta make the donuts, but what's up with this global warming crap? It's like 190 degrees in the shade here, but the shade has all melted.

I have been going back and forth with a commenter on a friend's blog about global warming. It's like debating with retarded children or something and I simply cannot make myself stop. I went through about five comments with pointing out the wrongness of his comments and on the sixth, I just called him a moron. Personal attacks are awesome, I tell you. Doo-doo head.

Please try to understand, Toolbox. Science is a great thing, reactionary "fixes" are not. The first thing that needs to be resolved is IF (<--big if) there is actually a problem, that takes years of study and investment. My thoughts are that there is not a problem with global warming/global cooling/climate change. And even if there was, there is really nothing that the entire population of the world could do to correct it.

But, dayum, it's hot here.

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