Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barry Obama Transcends the Typical Lying Politics of Democrats

Since seventeen weeks ago when the Democrat National Convention was held, (What do you mean it just ended on Thursday?) Obama has geared his campaign into one of dealing solely with the issues facing our country. Barry has gotten his high qualified policy team to set up websites that do nothing but outline his really intelligent policy ideas. Wait, that was a typo, he has set up sites solely for the purpose of lying about Republicans. Sorry, I was typing too fast.

Yes, when your ideas are as bad as Barry Obama's, you simply have to keep your mouth shut about what you want to do and then lie about your opponents. It is relatively easy to do when every major media outlet is more than willing to publish your lies and pass them off as fact.

Gateway Pundit has the STORY that is sure to be ignored to the fluffers in the Barrystream Media. I am certainly glad that the Obamessiah is above the typical Democrat tactics of making things up about his opponent and then feeding to the news and letting them carry his water.

Not to be outclassed by their Annointed One, the Kossacks have pretty much done the same thing. They are pushing the STORY that Sarah Palin's fifth child was not really hers, but her daughter's. Warner Todd Huston at Stop the ACLU brings us this STORY.

Yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater is against the law, by the way. Why is this type of smearing not as well?

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