Thursday, August 07, 2008

Da News

This week has been one of those that makes you rethink your decision making process. Eggs in one basket and all. I got the word today on a contract that I missed and yes, I had already made plans for that money. But, it re-re-remotivated me to make this self-employment thing work. I need to be more mobile in my life to better make the ol' relationship work. Bean keeps saying that she misses me. Nag. Nag. Nag.

I have been reading almost all my normal blog reads, but haven't really had the time to invest in commenting like I want, so all of y'all that haven't gotten any pithy comments from me, I shall redirect my efforts in that endeavor. Sorry.

Onto the election, I am so sick of hearing about the Tool from Illinois that I could projectile vomit my entire spine up. Anyone that hasn't evolved past the point of accepting Barry Obama as their Christ and Messiah can burn in Hell for all I care. He has proven in the past two weeks that his capacity for lying far exceeds even the Clintonian standards set. He is by far the worst in the long line of terrible people that have spewed forth from the bowels of Satan to lead the Democrat party. E-nuff, asshat. Go away.

The Brett. The Jet. Eat a dick. Thank goodness that the interception leader of the NFL is coming back. We were about to lose the standard of mediocrity for pro football. We. Are. Saved. Jets are doomed.

Watch this.

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