Wednesday, August 06, 2008

GNN Reports and Other Screwed Up News

From Gnutcase News Network: Former President Bill Clinton condones monogamy to fight AIDS.

From Michele Malkin: Al Gore promotes conservation of energy.

From Engram at Back Talk: The United States economy is bad.

From Warner Todd Huston at Stop the ACLU: President George W. Bush is hated around the world.

From Alan Lange at Y'all Politics: Ronnie Musgrove was great at gaining jobs for Mississippi as governor. He'll be a great United States Senator!

From David Drake: The Obamoron has plenty of great Democrat character traits.

We thank you for the reading The Contrarian News, we'll see you again tomorrow.

UPDATE!!!!! Barry is against sex on boats! How the Hell can you even contemplate voting for this pansy? No sex on boats, it's MADNESS!

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Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...I learn so much here. Like that I'm racist, from a moron emailer of yours, who makes a tree stump look intelligent.

How can I thank you for what you teach me?


Maybe I'll try to send one of our snowstorms your way this winter...

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, that would be one thing that I would enjoy. We have those stinking ice storms, but not too much snow. Send it on, Skunkfeathers.