Saturday, August 30, 2008

John McCain - The Hothead

How in the world did John McCain get a reputation as a hothead? He is a Republican and all Republicans get tagged with that label. Ronald Reagan was supposed to start World War III, remember? He was called the "Nuk-a-Lur Cowboy" by those in the media. Oddly enough, just the opposite proved to be true. His diplomacy caused the collapse of Communism in the Soviet bloc. And all of the Democrat hearts were broken.

John McCain is no Reagan, however.

Neither was John McCain in my top three choices for president, he has always been too moderate. And yes, you know that the same talking heads that are jizzing their skivvies over Barry Obama right now, were pushing John F'ing Kerry to choose John McCain as his running mate a mere four years ago simply because of his centrism. Wonder what happened between now and then?

John McCain is the furthest thing from a hothead, look at the people that Barry Obama has surrounded himself with. Jeremiah Wright, now THAT is a friggin' hothead! William Ayers got so damn mad that he blew up the Capitol, the Pentagon, and was trying to destroy the government of the United States. THAT is a friggin' hothead. Granted, I think that Barry Obama is a little, milquetoast sissy, but he surrounds himself with radical people that are not afraid to blow up buildings and scream at the top of their lungs, "G D America!" Take a look at that before you say that John McCain is short-tempered and mean.

Oddly enough, I have all the respect in the world for John McCain. He is a man's man and is not afraid to say what he thinks. That is why the media has tried to label him as a "hothead" this election cycle. Before, they just called him a "maverick" because he did not toe the Republican Party line. Now, the things that they admired him for, are the very same things that they are bashing him for. Hinky.

Just so you know, I just do not agree with his political philosophy. The Sarah Palin pick does actually move me almost to the point of voting for John though. We'll see. And isn't it funny that the Leftards are coughing up their collectivist skulls over his pick?

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Just Me said...

Funny, McCain didn't really "light my fire," either, but I figured I'd vote there anyway because I'm still a conservative and I DON'T like Obama. I didn't want Hillary either.

Elections are tough when you aren't too crazy about anyone on the ballot, and your vote is pretty much for the person who'd do the least amount of damage over the next four years.

Aaaah, but on the surface, I like Sarah Palin. Clearly we need to learn more about her over the next two months, but what little I've read so far I really like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she has no nasty skeletons lurking in her closet, that she is what we see so far.

Paul Mitchell said...

There are plenty of overeager media folks that are already digging. If there is anything, yoou can rest assured they will find it, but so far, I have found nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin could be a Reagan.

Coffee Bean said...

Sarah Palin could be a Reagan.