Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama - Lessons in Weirdness

I did not watch the Saddleback thingy, color me disinterested. From what I have read, McCainiac swept the floor with Barry. That doesn't strike me as surprising, because I have watched McCain for quite some time and have been watching Barry since October 2005. They both did as expected, McCainiac running from his definitively centrist record to attract Conservatives and Barry stating the out and out lies that he finds so useful in his campaign to dupe the morons.

What does strike me as very odd is that Barry believes that only a certain few people that make more than a million dollars a year, should make policy. Barry stated very plainly during his interview debacle that only people that make more per year than he does should determine right from wrong. How weird is that? Of course, 100% of people know that abortion is wrong. Well, 100% minus Barry Obama.

How in the world has Barry Obama screwed the record up so badly that he has been determined to be the candidate of the little guy?

"Above my paygrade"? That is so strange, I guess that he used that blurb, that someone whispered to him, at the wrong place of the Q and A. Damn, he is stupid.

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