Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yet Another Non-Story About the Obamoron

From my feed reader this morning, I saw another takedown of the "Obama is Too Skinny" non-story from the idiot Barrystreams. At Stop the ACLU, Warner Todd Huston points out the OBVIOUS wrongness in the article. WTH continues to show us that the Barrystream Media has hit the point of ridiculousness, as if they haven't many years ago.

I'll point out the glaring stupidity.

The Barry-Fluffers keep saying this guy works out all the time and we have seen numerous photo-ops with Barry lifting weights and riding his gay-ass bicycle. Look at the photo to the left, is this a guy that works out? Yeah, if you consider sitting on your ass a "workout."

I am forty-four years old, three years younger than this supposedly "young" guy. I am in such better shape than Barry, there is no comparison and I have not hit a lick at a snake in three years. If I worked out like Barry supposedly does, I would be ripped beyond all comprehension and I proved that four years ago by lifting three times a week and ballooning up like a steroid freak. No, my family members are not big, muscular folks, we have too much native in us.

Thanks to Terrrrrr and Chris for subjecting me to that damn torture.

Not shown in my graphic is one of the most peculiar physical abnormalities in men, the total lack of any tricep. The "noncepts" reference is pointing out that not only does he not possess a tricep, but his bicep is absent as well. I point out the tricep in particular because on men, the tricep is the first muscle to develop when ANY exercise is performed that involves the arms. Namely riding a bike of the type that we have seen Barry riding or of course, frequent masturbation. To MUD, the tricep doesn't seem to be a muscle that would get a good workout from a recumbent, please correct me if I am wrong.

Barry possesses the build of a man that has spent a lifetime of leaning up against lampposts in front of the drugstore. And he certainly doesn't have the build of anyone that plays basketball with any regularity at all. That perception of Barry comes from people that do not go outside. Can't you just picture Helen Thomas doing aerobics? Holy Christ! I have to go bleach my brain now. (By the way, do not click that Helen Thomas link unless you have a prescription for industrial strength Viagra. Trust me.)

Get a grip you morons, there has been nothing said about Barry from the BSM that is anywhere close to the truth. Open your damn eyes and recognize for yourself what the truth is.

There are just simple facts in men's physique. If you lift or exercise, the muscles respond a certain way. You can tell by body shape exactly what exercise someone performs. Judging from Barry's excessive fat and flab, one can safely assume, his exercise is reading or smoking.

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