Friday, August 15, 2008

Reasoning Helps You to Deduce Things

In the past few days, I have received two comments and six e-mails regarding the Center for Responsive Politics military contribution study. I read it and checked every link on the subsequent pages that were referenced. Oddly enough, every single link on their study pages referenced other pages on their site. There is no supporting data to any of their research other than their own organization. What does that tell you? Please notice that even the CRP says that they only have 323 donations that they can track. The total contributions shown on their graph has almost 140,000 dollars in contributions. Does this mean that each donor gave over 400 dollars? We have no idea, huh?

The link to the "study" is below. Try the reference test for yourself. I went six pages deep into the study and never found a single data source for any of their findings.

Let's check history and past performance instead of an unreferenced study by a left-wing think tank. George W. Bush garnered a small victory in military absentee ballots over John F. Kerry in 2004 and over Al Gore in 2000. If you recall, Gore tried like Hell to get those military ballots disqualified, remember that? Bush received a mere 79% of the military absentee vote against Kerry. In other words, it was an absolute slaughter. "Absentee" means military personel that are stationed outside of their own voting district. You cannot get more "in the field" than that.

Past perfomance is a good indicator of future results in this case. I find it hard to believe that the military has completely reversed the history of their voting trends because of George W. Bush, whom they supported in droves.

And if you actually remember that 2004 election, John F. Kerry reminded you on every occasion that he was a veteran. He even went so far as to appear on the stage at the DNC, "Reporting for duty!"

Barry Soetoro has never served in the military. He has absolutely no idea what it takes to be a military guy and grew up around people that loathed our military, his white granddad (who was a vet) included. And has continually supported completely dismantling our military. E-mail me if you want me to pull up those links of VIDEO of Barry talking about reducing the number of our forces, which he now supports the opposite, ridding the world of nuclear weapons, which he now supports the opposite....Shit, the reversals of Barry Soetoro are too numerous to mention, we are in the general election now, it is imperative that he move from his base of supporters (insane ass-clowns) to attract the normal people.

The Center for Responsive Politics finally posted on their findings on who exactly the military folks are backing. Oddly enough, a far-left wing think tank finds data that supports their candidate. At over a 6-1 clip. Ron Paul only received FOUR times what McCain got, doesn't this strike you as odd? How does this mesh with actual historical actions? Not in the least.

According to the results shown in the graphic here, a full two people are voting for a Republican other than Ron Paul. And Barry places third in the Democrat ranks. This is as accurate as the CRP report on who the military folks actually support. The CRP study has as much validity showing support in the field as something posted on KOS or Media Matters. KOS was a veteran!!!!123!!!!

When polled by asking them personally, the military supports Republicans over Democrats at a rate around 90%. And oddly enough, this figure is supported by actual HISTORICAL ACTIONS. So please, insane ass-clowns, learn something from history before you support a guy that believes that he can make a failed strategy work when no one else in history has been able to do that. And do not even remotely deduce from the CRP study that the military supports Obama at a rate equal to 6-1 over McCain, that is ridiculous.

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