Friday, August 08, 2008

The Obamoron Hates Our Country

Despite all the coddling from the Barrystream News, Bumpkis McSmarmyass continues to drunkenly stumble down the stupid path. His gaffes have reached proportions equaled only by the stupidity exhibited by Rosie O'Donnell, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, and 9-11 Troofers. Yes, Hillary will actually be the Democrat nominee, there is no way that this moron will even be nominated. Even the Democrat Party elite know this guy is too stupid to be president and those elite make Jimmy Carter look smart.

Prepare yourselves for the race riots after his bloody defeat. On August 25-28, 2008, the Democrat Party, yet again, will toss our country into more or less a civil war when the convention nomination process begins. Yay for unity!

What's happened since yesterday? Barry basically told a seven year old girl that this country sucks, referred to our immigration officers as terrorists, and called the only smart people in Murrica, "ignorant." Most adults are pissed at the guy.

Seriously, the fact that this guy is adored by our traditional media speaks volumes about the state of our institutions of higher learning. Remember, politicians, teachers, and journalists are the dumbest humans alive.

From Stop the ACLU, Barry to La Raza: “communities are terrorized by ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] immigration raids” and “nursing mothers are torn from their babies.”

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association President's letter to Barry: "Dammit, you are too stupid to speak publically. Shut your moronic cakehole."

Video of little girl reply. He is just so articulate!

Smart people are ignorant! Right is wrong! Up is down!

Obama '08!

And in yet another idiotic attempt to make our country's presidential campaign into an even more asinine, ridiculous attempt to elect the person whose minions produce the most inane graphics, one of Barry's dumbasses submits this hand sign crap.

HUGE Disclaimer: The link contained below is MOST DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, IS DISTURBING IN EVERY WAY, WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS FOREVER, AND I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LINKED IT. I am warning you NOT to click that link below, you cannot undo what you are about to do. If you see what is contained at that site, your mind simply might close in on itself and you will forever be stained. Blithering in the corner, sucking your thumb, and peeing on your belly. Trust me, you do not want to click that link below. I warned you, but you can't stop yourself.

I guess that I am the only person in the world that sees the resemblance of Barry's new graphic to THIS.

Told you.

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Denise said...

GACK!! I had to look. I haven't been limber enough to pee on my belly since before the kids were born. Thanks a lot, TD.

Paul Mitchell said...

I gave so many warnings, Denise, I feel no remorse. Also, there are plenty more bloggers that have been posting about the same thing, but none of them posted the link to Goat Sex. That makes me awesome.