Monday, August 11, 2008

A Short Little Barry Post (UPDATED!)

It has finally come to light in Dogsland why Barry "Obama" has refused to release his Certificate of Live Birth. It is because the name on that certificate is NOT "Barack Obama." The name on the birth certificate is "Barry Soetoro." Nowhere on that certificate is the name "Barack" nor "Obama!"

This in itself is not the story, you see. This is common when a child is adopted and takes his adopted father's name. The stunning point is that unless Barry took the time to actually change his name back to "Barack Obama," his name is LEGALLY "Barry Soetoro" and pretty much all the election ballots with "Barry Obama" are invalid! So, all of the votes for him are discarded!

Also, there are a couple of other problems with Barry Soetoro's little story. The fact that he made all kinds of attempts to go to Kenya and such, might have made him keep his Kenyan citizenship active. If he did that after his twenty-first birthday, he had to drop his American citizenship. Oooops!

Not only that, but since he has been completely dishonest about WHO he actually is, I am going to guess that there are other problems. Wonder why Hillary never removed her name from the hat?

I'm telling you folks, Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy this country and remake the United States in their own image, Communism.

Wonder why this is not being followed by the Barrystream Media?

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UPDATE: Now, this is honestly getting interesting. Remember, I said above that if he continued his Kenyan citizenship AFTER his twenty-first birthday, he had to drop his US one? He has continued his Kenyan citizenship after his 21st. Really, I don't think that this guy can actually run for President! I really don't!


Paul Mitchell said...

Uh, jodi, you are the one that came to MY blog. You want me to go away from my own blog?

Also, "your" is incorrect in your comment. The word that you are looking for is "you're," which is the contraction for "you are."

And also, it is true, unless Barry Soetoro can produce documentation where he legally changed his name back to Barack Obama, he will be disqualified, unless the Democrat party just nominates him outright, which I kinda think Hillary might have a word or two to say about that. Sorry. Those are the facts about your Messiah.