Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talking Back to Stupid People - Part...shit I have no clue.

Excerpt from an actual e-mail thread. One name has been changed to protect the simpering moronic douche-tool.

Rainbow-Unicorn Brain: We do not need another rich guy running the country. We need a man of the people.

Dawgs: I agree, go McCain!

Rainbow-Unicorn Brain: I am talking about mcbush being rich.

Dawgs: Barry Obama made 4.5 million dollars last year alone. Michelle's salary is 375k a year for juggling ping pong balls with her mouth. Holy shit, you must be old money. Vanderbilt much?

Rainbow-Unicorn Brain: They are BLACK!

Dawgs: Yeah, blacks are too stupid to be rich! I agree. *

The thing that gets me every single time that I have the misfortune to talk to an Obamanite is they possess no critical thinking skills and must be part of a pack. I liken them to cavemen without fire, which we all be soon enough if they have their way. Oddly enough, watching the idiots outside the Moonbat National Convention, they actually look like cavemen. Lord knows they smell like them.

Pass the bong, Imz so wasted......dude.

* Agreeing with a racist does not make you a racist when you do it to end the conversation without being rude. Remember, your mama taught you to use proper manners.

Blah, blah, blah, what this election really boils down to is which candidate can get these people to vote for them:


Anonymous said...

I don't think these people actually vote. If they did my dream of a "military" quo would happen faster than my estimated timetable. It is only a matter of time before a significant portion of the US public completely loses faith in liberal democracy[because of illegal immigration, who asked us if we wanted such a rapid cultural change..nobody] (and it's sacred laws like the bill of rights)where the bill of rights would be seen as a shield for the bums of the country against the law abiding majority(free housing, free healthcare, free blah blah...bullshit) more rights, tired of rights: Prison rights, housing rights, healthcare rights...get rid of it all, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS to anything. Their should be only privileges that can be earned.

People like this would pass such ridiculous laws (there are more dumb people than smart ones) that people will secede from the US, but since secession is "illegal" (thanks to Lincoln, eventhough it is not explicitly illegal in the constitution..but who cares what the actual words of the constitution say) then autonomous regions will be set up instead. Then sometime later the big breakup will occur, which is fine by me because I am tired of the bums in this country (screw diversity, can't think of a word I hate more than the way I am not against immigration but it should be for people who can contribute to the country not pull it backward people should be selected for abilities to assimilate into the cultural capital (Japanese have it, Koreans have it, Chinese have it, Germans have it, etc..but some groups don't have it and we should not have them here, they don't have cultural capital, ie..viewing education as important in life...Gee which immigrant groups don't do very well academically???? yet they contribute, how??? working hard is not much of a contribution it just takes jobs that native bums could do). We should start over, hard reset.

Personally I think living in the Northeast would be a good idea...low crime rates and liberal gun laws, people can carry guns out in the open in NH(live free or die)...I hope they are not afraid to shoot bums up there.(set up sniper zones where open market drug dealers can be shot and it would be a righteous kill, use the same "bait" technique we use in Iraq for taggers or graffiti bums.)