Thursday, August 28, 2008

The DNC - Moral Relativism 101

From watching the DNC and reading articles about the platform of the Democrat Party, we can ascertain certain undeniable truths. The Party of Moral Relativism has sunk to the depths of depravity that have never been reached in history and there are consequences for that behavior. History has proven time and again that any time a country reaches the nadir reached by the Democrats, that country collapses under the weight of their own corruption. 100% of the time.

When the major network news anchors report on Hillary Clinton's speech saying that she has done all in her power to heal the breach between the Obamanites and the Sleazies, all while knowing that Hillary is lying through her teeth (as both Clintons have always done) there is a problem. There is simply no honesty left in the mainstream media, you must turn your back on them and cease to support them in all that you do. They are lying to you and getting paid for doing it. You cannot ignore that truth. The only thing that is missing from this equation is the mask and the gun used in the typical mugging.

Please understand that I am not saying that the Republican Party is remotely close to where honesty and integrity abounds, they are just miles closer than the Democrats. However, supporting a political party that is only marginally criminal is insane and is corrupt in and of itself. You simply must tell your representatives that you are fed up with the degradation of our society. They are killing the soul of our country.

I am certain also that there are plenty of folks that head to Washington with their best intentions in mind but that integrity is quickly squashed under the steel wheels of corruption that permeates our nation's government.

1994 gave us the SANITY revolution. Immediately upon taking office, the Republicans began backpedaling from the very platform that swept them into office and begin from that day to lose ground. They lost their way from the complete inundation of corruption that IS our federal government.

Our elected officials desire success only for themselves, you cannot look at your elected representatives and honestly say that they are any different from any of the others in DC. It is too apparent in all that they do. Chiefly, the trampling of our Constitution that was designed to keep government OUT of our lives.

Point in case, Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and came out and lied point blank that the Catholic Church has never determined when life begins. This is patently false, she blatantly lied on national television and not one single jabbering head called her on that lie. It took 600 Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests coming out to tell you that she lied and still not one media outlet has pointed that out. The Catholic Church had determined that life begins at conception as far back as 100 AD. That is the truth.

Nancy Pelosi, a person with a marginal IQ at best, has taken it upon herself to dictate policy for an established religion 2000 years old. Can we call that arrogance?

The main direction that I am headed here is this: THERE IS A RIGHT AND A WRONG in every situation. Moral relativism, denying the above salient truth, is causing the degradation of our country. If you see someone on the main stage of a political party convention that is promoting evil, they must be stopped.

Democrats are promoting the election of a person that has been on the wrong side of every single issue facing our country today and are heralding him as the Messiah. Simple enough to understand, huh? To say that a man that focuses his entire campaign on racial and class division is someone that transcends those ideals is a lie, he is someone that digs even deeper down into the moral abyss of racism and class warfare. That is the truth.

The fact that the Moonbats refer to themselves as "The Reality Based Community" is not only laughable, but bordering on criminal. Our kids see and hear those lies, do we correct them when they ask questions about that? Hopefully we do.

In the last two days, we have heard absolute untruths come vomiting out of Joe Biden's mouth regarding Barry Obama's Senate record. Barry was NEVER involved at any level with anything of importance, his record on supporting important legislation is nonexistent and Biden knows it, so do the news anchors and still the lies are allowed to stand.

We have allowed this moral decay to influence our great nation long enough, do we really need to do it for another fifty years? When can we return to the days of a morality that actually does improve our nation rather than avoiding the truths that have been around for centuries? At this time, we must simply force ourselves to educate those that do not hold any kind of philosophy that promotes honor, morality, integrity, and good common sense. We cannot allow evil men to continue to do evil things and expect our country to maintain its greatness and divine rights.

There is absolutely a right and a wrong, Hitler's morality was not congruent to Mother Teresa's. Sorry.

Please take the time DAILY to educate one person that is confused about this.