Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Daily News from Gnutcase and Tommy 5!

From my daily Gnutcase news feeder with graphics provided by none other than Tommy 5, along with further reporting! You faithful readers deserve the best and we strive daily to give it to you.

Since another hurricane is headed into the Gulf on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, *gasp*, we endeavor to keep you up to date on the weather and getting ready for the storm and its aftermath.

The most sought after provisions for your hurricane preparedness are AR-15s and ammo. I'm thinking that this aftermath might have a different outcome than the last one. Gnutcase sends this REPORT. He is reporting LIVE! from New Orleans and knows what is really needed in areas completely unaffected by the actual hurricane.

Tommy 5 sends the projected path of the hurricane. Tommy 5's life was actually affected by Hurricane Katrina, unlike those hands-out crybabies in New Orleans that had levees fail. Levees built by the federal government, the same federal government that entertained demands from the sheeple to repair the substandard levees that the federal government built in the first place. Contradiction? Irony? You bet, loads of it.

Gnutcase offers the proof that Democrats do not care about single mothers, or are all men that do not like naked women, or all lesbians that do not like attractive women, or some other such nonsense HERE. Maybe they just want to avoid the outcomes of actions performed by their utmost family man, John Edwards. Shit, I don't even know what this means.

Finally a contribution from another one of my links. If Obama resents being compared to Britney Spears, why does he hire her set designer for his coronation STAGE?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know hurricanes get anniversaries? That is hurricane territory down there....why is this news?

Hurricanes have a season, it's not like out here in CA where earthquakes are random events.

If earthquakes had a season then that would be interesting. We would probably start to build buildings with on shocks ....decouple the building foundation from the ground.

You do realize that the media is going to use this hurricane hitting New Orleans against the republicans don't you, especially since their convention is about to start...not my thinking I am just parroting it, but it sounds pretty accurate to me.

McCain better pick a woman for the VP slot....if he did, he would have this election sewn up...hell he may even win CA (a republican that can carry CA, now that would be a landslide) If McCain wants a guaranteed win, then he has to pick a woman. But he'll win anyway, but with a woman VP he would take away alot of the female democrats( McCain is very old, so the likely hood of a female president is very very very likely over the course of the next 8 years)...remember as Pat Buchanan says politics is very tribal.


Paul Mitchell said...

It does appear that he is picking Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, Roderick. I think that you get your wish.