Friday, August 29, 2008

Barry's Speech - The Two Dogs Way

By now you have heard all of the Barrystreams fawning over the speech last night. Since you and I are normal, intelligent people, we saw yet another Democrat rail loudly about class division and taking our money.

Jimmy Carter gave the same speeches in 1975 and he was articulate and clean, too. Oddly enough, he didn't give those speeches in 1979-1980, he was simply telling everyone that we would have to sacrifice and give more to the almighty federal government. Jesse Jackson gave the same speeches in the first widespread black male presidential campaign. Give all the money to people who don't work, punish people who make large salaries, blah. We have to give him the "clean" moniker, but seriously, can't we all agreed that Jesse ain't too damn articulate?

Then came Dukakis, same speech, clean and articulate, just not too bright. He was probably one of the smarter Democrats, though. His campaign probably more closely resembles Barry's than anyone else's in my opinion. Remember, he lost because he was allowing murderers to go home on weekend passes and SHOCKER! They killed more people. Yeah, I know there were other reasons, too.

Along comes Bill Clinton (can't say he was clean, though) the Leftist's Leftist and actually got folks to vote him into office. The first two years, it was the hippy drug culture running rampant in the White House and then the normal people took Congress back from the idiots.

Then came the Democrats original sing-song poet of Al Gore. Al is the starting point of the speech making style of Barry Obama. Talk to people like they are five years old and you sound really smart. Barry learned well.

Kerry, fuck that, Kerry was as bad a candidate as Bob friggin' Dole.

Now, we are faced with Barry Obama, the same guy that the Democrats have been sending at us since I was but a wee lad. Last night's speech was the exact same speech that I have heard every four years of my damn life. There was no soaring ideas, there were no policy directives, it was simply a concert. The fact that our news media gives the speech grades of "A" and compares this speech to MLK's Dream speech should prove to you that our media personalities are exactly that, personalities. And alarmingly thin ones at that.

Holy shit, they compared it to "I Have a Dream!" That is disgusting.

The fact that Anderson Cooper, Andrea Mitchell, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and any of the other "newscasters" have jobs in the industry astounds me. Even Walter Cronkite, the old Communist, could keep his politics out of his newscasts better than these idiots.

Vote Obama '08! Because Happiness and Wealth is Bad, Just Bad!

Here's a good example of successful speech rhetoric. Keep this in mind.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting...hows about Palin??? I expected an immediate post post announcement TD. I'm chomping at the bit for Two Dogs opinion on the selection.