Monday, September 15, 2008

All Barry - All the Time

This is my blog, it appears to be written for the sole purpose of pointing out the absolute total corruption of one politician in the entire world, Barry Obama. It would not be necessary for me to do this if the major media outlets would simply do their job, but I guess that is asking too much of morons that went to college and became journalists. Yes, the three most moronic jobs that you can ever have are journalist, college professor, and politician. All others pale in comparison.

Having actually been one of the seven people, with an IQ in the genius range that read Barry's Dreams from my Father, I know what a lying, stupid shitbag Barry Obama really is. If you haven't read that book, you have no clue why I hate this person. He is a visceral anti-American racist and HE wrote it all down for the world to see. If you do not read that book, I FORBID you to vote. Dammit! I forbid it!!!!

In the past week, there has been so much information released about Barry, my poor little brain is overloading. No, it was not released by The New York Times, they had to go to Alaska to find out what books Sarah Palin banned from the Wasilla Library (NONE!), the info has been found by bloggers and new media. Al Gore's interweb is going to be the destruction of Al Gore's philosophy and isn't it about time?

Well, this post is about Barry's little problem with trumping up what he did after college. You know, when he had the epiphany and realized that he was not the son of G_d, but G_d Himself!


Barry lies.

I like the Sooners, normal people do. Norman, Oklahoma has seventeen exits from the Interstate, that is impressive. And having spent a good amount of time in the area, it is completely obvious to me why the Sooners do not attempt an agressive passing offense. They should not have leapfrogged UGA in the polls though. And USC should have fallen at least thirty slots for not hanging 100 on tOSU. This is not my opinion, it is science!