Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wait a Damn Minute! Barry's Lying AGAIN!

Gimme back my damn money, you damn thieves! I have pointed out this weekend that the Obamessiah has a huge credibility problem with the stealing of money. We all know that he is lying through his damn teeth about everything he says and that he has about as much experience doing anything as a fifth grade cheerleader. But think about this.

Barry keeps saying that with his tax plan about ninety percent of the working population gets a tax cut. That is a flat out lie because over thirty percent of the working population doesn't even pay taxes! There is no telling how many times I have heard this and it just now registers. Dammit, I gotta eat more red meat, my damn brain is shrinking as fast as a damn vegan's.

Damn Barry's lying eyes. When in the Hell is he going to give us one single policy position? He's not, folks. He can't, because then even the Barrystream Media will have to call him on it. Well, they won't say anything either, they are too busy writing headlines trashing ths shit out of Sarah Palin. And oddly enough, STILL avoiding checking into anything that Barry has done.

I wonder who Barry is rooting for down in Bolivia right now? Can you guess?

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Green Bay won without Favre today and last year's TRUE Heisman Trophy winner, Darren McFadden of the Oaktown Raiders went apeshit on KC for 164 yards. D-Mac, I would have given you the Heisman.