Sunday, September 14, 2008

NCAA Football - How They Did

I'll chime in. The Four Letter Network's "Game of the Century" was as exciting as I thought that it would be. To pit a PAC-10 school against a Big-10 (11) school has as much promise as an Asian dick length contest to me.

Georgia was disappointing, likewise Oklahoma. We have to travel all the way down to Auburn to say "Now, there was a good game!" And oddly enough, it was against the We Suck Bulldogs of my alma mater. 3-2 makes for an interesting game. We Suck actually LOST that damn game, how odd?

Now, let's check the conferences.
Big-10 (11) 7-3 (Indiana had a bye.)
Big-12 6-3 (Two teams with byes and Texas game postponed.)
PAC-10 3-7 (The 3 wins were over tOSU, Hawaii, and Purdue. 'Nuff said?)
SEC 8-2 (With both losses to OTHER SEC teams! Florida had a bye and Arkansas got postponed with Texas. That was the only game that I was worried about.)

If we go back to last week, it is about the same thing. I think that we can all assume that USC shall play in the BCS Championship game because they play NO ONE this year. The highlight of USC's entire season came from beating Virginia. That is the very same Virginia that had major trouble last week against Richmond and lost this weekend to Connecticut. Honestly.

According to the Four Letter Network, the uSC v. tOSU game was the game of the year. See why you should boycott the Four Letter?

Just to touch on the only other football team in my state as well as their conference, C-USA, the University of Southern Mississippi defeated Arkansas State.

And Southern Methodist University, the team that actually HIRED June Jones, got the mortal shit beat out of them by Texas Tech. Oddly enough, SMU has won a game (BARELY) this year against the Texas State Bobcats of the Southland Home Conference. Please remember, June Jones was the most highly touted coach ever in the history of college football last year when he coached Hawaii to a rented mule beatdown from Georgia in the Sugar Bowl last year. Yes, highly touted by the morons at ESPN. I warned SMU. SMU will just have to learn on their own.

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