Saturday, September 20, 2008

College Gameday, Bring Your Roll - Who You Got? UPDATED

UPDATE: Deddy went 3-2 for his picks in the SEC this week. Send me my juice, please. Just so you realize, the SEC lost one out of conference game this weekend. Of course, it was my alma mater, The We Suck Bulldogs that did that.

Since I have consistently beat out ESPN in the Google search for "College Gameday," I thought that I would give you my picks for today for all the NCAA D-I games for today. If you bet these picks and win, I would appreciate my 10% juice, since you are riding my brain. Weird, but there only appear to be seven games today. Nevermind, Kentucky has a BYE. Let's get it on.

The true college football blood-letting begins this weekend. uSCCC shall play in the national championship game against the Utah Utes. The Utes are this year's Rutgers/Boise State/Hawaii. uSCCC wins the Championship by 100 points. Bet the farm on that.

To the football.

Miss State (+8) at Georgia Tech - Unless there was a jailbreak at the Oktibbeha County Jail and the Dawgs practiced at an undisclosed location, take the Bees minus. Call me Mr. Righty McRighterson.

Alabama at Arkansas (+9) - I like the 'Roids, but giving nine is hard for me in the D-I Conference, take the Pigs. Call me Mr. Wrongy McWrongerson. Mayhap the 'Roids are better than I thought, which is strange, because I am hardly ever wrong.

Florida at Tennessee (+7) - This is the game that ruins the entire BCS system. Vols with the points, but the Gates win it. Not looking good here either. Yep, Deddy screwed the pooch.

Vandy (+7) at Ole Miss - Ole Miss is still terrible, but it's VANDY! Home team takes it. Shit no, this is one to avoid. It's a loser.

Wolford at USC (WTF? There is no legit line that I can find. Skip it.)

LSU at Auburn (+2.5) - Coming off the MSU debacle, Auburn has to do something here, they just don't have the offense. LSU minus the 2.5. That is what I am talking about.

UGA at Arizona State (+7) - UGA traveling out of the South and after beating USC last weekend. Dang, giving 7? But against a PAC-10 team? Oh, UGA baby, all the way. Hopefully, you knew that this would happen.

Please take the time to make out my check.

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