Saturday, September 13, 2008

College Gameday - September 13, 2008 UPDATED

Things you do not see very often, Third Down with Sixty-Seven to go! Wow.

Stay tuned for updates on the Community College Championship Game, later today. Go Buckjans! Wait, is it Troeyes? Yes, it is the game that decides who gets the mortal shit beat out them by an SEC team in the BCS Championship game. Prolly.

And right now as I post, that monster from the ACC, Maryland, is pounding Cal, the monster from the PAC-10, 35-20. Those PAC-10 teams beat each other up so badly that they just can't perform against anyone else. Just kidding, the PAC-10 is so bad, they cannot beat Maryland, a team with a female athletic director! and that only has six players on the team that share one helmet.

Please recall that last year, Cal was ranked in the Top 10 for the first five weeks, but had lost to three no-names at that time and then only won one more game. Yes, the PAC-10 is terrible, but still get the votes for some reason.

Woo hoo! The East Carolina game is underway. The Newspapers are playing the Green Wave of Tulane. This is going to be a nailbiter. Not really, it's a pillow-biter.

4:10 PM, looking really good for the PAC-10, let's see...Brigham Young, a Mountain West team is putting the neighborhood beatdown on UCLA. Second quarter 42-0. Oregon is getting reamed by that perennial football powerhouse, Purdue 20-6 at the half. Number 23, Cal, lost to MARYLAND! 35-27. Washington faces Oklahoma, that one doesn't look good at all. And the worst game of the entire season pits the Trojans of uSC and tOSU at 8:00 eastern. Maybe the PAC-10 can win ONE today. They do have some really easy games, so one can hope. It is going to be really hard to keep uSC in the top slot if every single PAC-10 team loses every game they play.

8:22 PM, the We Suck Bulldogs of Mississippi State University are giving the Auburn Barn fits tonight. What the Hell? 3-0, come on Auburn, are y'all broken?

On the West Coast, uSC and tOSU are deep into the Community College Championship Game and it is 14-3 with the Failboats of tOSU threatening to pound into the mud ditch of uSC. Dammit this game is terrible. Whoops, tOSU didn't score. The Catholics did in Michigan. tOSU HAS to beat uSC or they cannot play in the BCS Championship game. Michigan is their only other competition this year. They need that CCCG win.

Also, Oklahoma is struggling to score totally at will on the Fatties of Washington. The score is only 34-0 with a WHOLE DAMN MINUTE left in the half. Man, I didn't see them corn-fed boys having that much trouble with a bunch of Pacific Northwest sissies. I was positive that it would have been 100-0 by now.

As usual, UGA had a HARD game against the COCKS! 14-7 was the final. If the past is any indicator, UGA should fall out of the Top 25. Which is stupid.

Oregon, a PAC-10 powerhouse pulled it out against Purdue in two overtimes. And the final was Brigham Young 59-0 over UCLA.

9:35PM, what in the mortal Hell? The Barn 3-We Suck 2. Unreal. Tommy Tuberville is a fag.

Don't you think that SMU is really glad that they paid sixty-eleventy grazillion dollars to lure that stellar coach June Jones away from Hawaii? Man, they are looking like geniuses down there. With 3:29 left in the game, SMU is only down 43-6 to the TT Red Raiders. Come on, June, you can do it!!!!!

The Failboats of tOSU are looking really strong against uSC right now, trailing by a mere 25 points with 6:00 minutes left in the third. On the edge of my seat, I tell ya'.

Disappointed in the Sooners. Only 55 points on the board. They must be rebuilding. Again.

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