Saturday, September 13, 2008

Democrat Moron for President Fleeces Responsible Taxpayers!

Since I have never had an original thought in my entire life, I snuck into Mitchieville, repelled down the side of the courthouse in the dead of night and stole secret papers leading to this INFORMATION. As luck would have it, only seven security guards lost their lives in my clandestine attack. They're Canadians. Que sera.

Let's see how we can use this vital info that shall never be released by the Barrystream Media.

If you shall recall, Open Secrets is the very same site that said that deployed service personel are giving to Barry's campaign at a clip of 7-1 over McCain. Yes, they are a leftwing stupid tank, but the morons used their data when it suited their case, I shall return the favor.

Here's the fun part of this information. Chris Dodd has been in office for the entire reporting period, 1989-2008. Likewise, has John Kerry. Barry has been in office for THREE YEARS and Hillary Clinton for seven. Every single person on this list has been in office TWICE as long as Barry. Yet, somehow Barry has taken a mere three years to amass bribes exceeding all except two of the most corrupt politicians to ever live.

Barry Obama is FUCKING amazing in his absolute corruption. Yes, Barry caused the "mortgage crunch" by himself.

How much is Barry's corruption costing taxpayers and why does he hate, hate, hate the people that actually work to pay their own bills? Let's check and see.

TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Understand that the top fifty percent of wage earners pay almost all of the taxes, so let's use 150,000,000 people as the number of folks that are paying for this bailout.

Barry has cost the true taxpayers an additional one thousand three hundred thirty-three dollars ($1,333.00) in taxes in ONE YEAR! for these bribes. To add insult to injury he proposes an additional ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in new spending if he somehow manages to get elected.

I don't know about you, but I can barely afford to pay for the seven families that I am carrying upon my broad shoulders now, I cannot stand another ounce of weight. And I resent it. Violently.

Please take the time to write yet another check for Barry Obama's corruption.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely despicable, isn't it?

Where are the Drive-Bys on this? *crickets chirping*