Friday, September 12, 2008

Know Your Enemy - The Palin Interrogation

You know, sometimes I look at the Republicans and seriously have no clue how THEY actually continue to survive. It is so blatantly obvious that the Olde Guard Establishment will go to any lengths to destroy anyone that fails to kneel, grovel, and beg at the feet of the collective kings and welfare queens. But, still the Republicans yield to the throne.

I am appalled that Sarah Palin has not come out and told the country that she will not submit to interrogations held by her attackers. Face it, to do so is insanity. Would you ever agree to sit down and meet with someone that is honor bound to deliver your destruction?

Dammit, you morons, at least make it part of the damn contract to have your own film crew at the friggin' questioning. That way you can do your own editing to show the real folks that what was said was completely and totally different than what the media showed.

My take on the kleig light beatdown on Sarah Palin? Why sure.

She talks funny. Just like all people that do not hail from the South. I don't hold it against her. She slouches in her chair. That cannot be good for her spine. Sit up straight, dammit! And she is too damn nice. I already knew that, because most women are too damn nice. G_d kinda made y'all that way. Oh, and the whole vagina thing. I am a big fan of the vagina. Vagina is AWESOME, I tell ya'.

She should have said, "You know Charles, you and most of the Barrystream Media are utter douchebags. You know and I know that you are lying and campaigning for that big-eared moron from Chicago. Let's be frank instead of this tit-for-tat. Enough of the 'gotcha' crap and let's do this. I agreed to this interrogation because I know that I could kick your ass in less than seven seconds. Be afraid, Tool."

'Nuff about that?

Now, here's a real "Wants out of the United States" story, straight from one of Barry's cock-suck buddies. See if you can guess which one? Just about every one of his friends has admitted to a visceral hate of our great land, so try to narrow this down to around a thousand of his buddies.

1. People in America who are descendants of slaves should be allowed to establish a separate territory of their own on this continent or elsewhere. Former slave masters are obligated to provide the land (must be fertile and minerally rich). Former slave masters are obligated to supply their needs for the next 20 to 25 years-until they are able to supply their own needs.

2. Freedom for all believers of Islam now held in federal prisons. Freedom for all black men and women now under death sentence. (A Get out of Jail Free Card!)

3. We do not believe that after 400 years of free labor that so many black people should have to subsist on relief, charity, or live in poor houses. (Okay, they don't want welfare, cut it OFF NOW!)

4. Separate schools for boys and girls. The U.S government should provide, free all necessary text books and equipment, schools and college buildings. Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train their people in the ways of decency, righteousness, and self respect. (Uh, kinda NOT for the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education? What gives?)

5. Intermarriage and race mixing should be prohibited. (WTF? By that, I mean What the FUCK?)

So, Sarah Palin met with folks that were members of the Alaska Independence Party of which she was not a member? Who friggin' cares? Barry worships the guy that PENNED the very tenets upon which an entire religion was founded in 1930! Which scares you more, eighteen people that want Alaska to secede or two point one million (2,100,000) militant separatists that have shown how violent they can be by gunning down one of their rising stars?

This election cycle is a gold mine of stupidity. Just curious, when is that Barry Obama vetting going to start? When are the Barrystreams going to point out how many friends that their savior has that hate our country? When are the Barrystreams going to point out how dumb their savior is? Any clue? I am going to start holding my breath right........NOW.

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