Friday, September 26, 2008

Contrarian Gambling - The Two Dogs Way!!! UPDATED!!

Uh, so Deddy went 3-3 with his picks this week. However, it was a great week and MAYBE the polls will reflect how much uSCCC blows goats. Dirty, filthy goats that are really bad at footbaw.

Remember, uSCCC was number six in the PAC-10 before this game, Oregon State was number seven in the PAC-10 before this game. Since UCLA's record is even WORSE than uSCCC, I am guessing that uSCCC can only fall one slot in the PAC-10 standings. The question is will they fall out of the Top 30 in the AP Poll?

How much does this uSCCC loss cost tOSU? Will the Browneyes fall completely out of the Top 50? Good Lord, the perennial number 1 & 2 suck. Maybe tOSU can go ahead and get a bid for the Motor City Bowl if they jump on that right this minute.

I wonder how much money was lost on this game? I would have lost on the pick as well as the over/under. And I would have had to bump juice, too. Loser pays.

But, there is a G_d and he lurves Him some Two Dogs. It cannot be doubted anymore.

SEC RULES! I am officially a UGA fan right now.

UPDATE: The Four Letter uSCCC fluffer network tries to keep the monster truck out of the ditch all while their lips are slowly stroking Pete Carroll's meatsicle.