Friday, September 26, 2008

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On a scale of 1-10, this week has been an ELEVEN in Dog's land. My heart bleeds for those of you who do not share my good fortune. Lemme add to your discontent, though. Please check the links and try not to allow your closed-mindedness to affect your judgment. I point you to the truth and you shall see that whole mess was SOLELY the responsibility of Democrat crooks, the latest of whom is the consummate Uncle Tom, Barry Obama.

Since there is much flap-jawing about the nationalizing of the market in this country, I decided to offer information to exactly what is going on and to show you exactly who is responsible and why you should not let the people that caused the problem try to fix it. I am not stupid, you should not be stupid either. You should call and e-mail your representatives in DC and let them know in no uncertain terms that you do not want to finance the Democrat Party, their racism, nor their love of oppression, anymore.

Let us start with a premise. "When you take away the will to work of a man, you kill the will of that man." Lyndon Johnson said that when he determined that it was important for Democrats to completely enslave the Black population and FORCE them to shove their heads up their asses and vote Democrat. Jim Crow Laws were determined to be illegal, so Johnson did with kindness what oppression had been unable to do. Welfare was invented for the sole purpose of killing the will of the blacks and the poor and to relegate them to slave status, yet again. His plan was a resounding success.

Democrats are racists, always have been, always will be. Leopard, spots.

Ten years down the road, the brain-dead Jimmy Carter, racist, Southern white church Democrat from Plains, Georgia, trumped Johnson in his hatred for black folks and introduced the Community Reinvestment Act. This program was designed for the sole purpose of keeping Black folks in their own damn neighborhoods. On their side of the tracks. When Carter introduced his program, ONLY ONE BANKER IN THE COUNTRY backed his proposal, Ron Grzywinski from Chicago's southside. Chicago=Democrat, right? Well, there's more to Ronnie Boy.

About eight years down the road from being the ONLY BANKER IN THE COUNTRY to back the idiotic plans of Carter, in 1985, Ron Grzywinski headed south to Arkansas to hook up with the governor, Bill Clinton, to set up Southern Development Bancorporation, a racist organization designed to keep blacks on their side of the tracks in Arkansas. He also got into the housing market in Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland. Do these areas have anything in common? Yes, high black population and high crime and unemployment.

Just to further develop Ronnie Boy's credentials, check out his BFF, Muhammad Yunus. He accomplished for Africa and the Middle East, what Grzywinski accomplished for inner-cities here in the United States.

Want even more? Well, okay.

Bill Clinton, being the overwhelming success at the segregation moves in Arkansas was elected President of the United States with the tasking of accomplishing for the nation what he did for Arkansas. The Democrats realized that he had reduced the black population to virtual poverty in his home state, reduced test scores, and lowered employment stats and they wanted his plan implemented nationwide. They got their wish in 1995, when he directed Linebacker Janet Reno of the Justice Department to start enforcing the requirements of Jimmy's slave doctrine in an effort to collapse the economy of this country and move even more toward fascism. A totalitarian government run by white, "liberal" elites.

A new cottage industry sprang up overnight in poor neighborhoods. Known as "loan origination companies," these businesses were in the practice of writing what is known as "liar loans." The originator of these loans simply asks the potential borrower, "What do you earn?" there is no confirmation of that statement at all. The lending institution then makes a loan based on the borrower's statement with the intention of selling that loan as quickly as possible to FANNIE MAE. And since Fannie Mae was FORCED by the DOJ to buy them, the loan originator makes big money with no risk. Every single loan originator in history has been a Democrat. See Countrywide and Angelo Mozila. Oddly enough, Mozila was not only the guy that ran Countrywide, but also the guy that founded IndyMac. Mozila is currently on the Obamessiah's economic policy team with TWO former heads of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines.

More fun with Johnson. Johnson was not only head of Fannie Mae, but also of Lehman Brothers, another failed Wall Street banking clusterfuck. To add insult to injury, guess where Lehman was founded? Montgomery, Alabama in 1850. What can you think of that was happening in Alabama at around that time? Coincidence?

Lehman is also tied in the 69 position to American Express, another company that was virtually unheard of until the mid-1970's, yet was founded, oddly enough, in 1850. Hmmmmm. Weird, huh?

American Express was also one of the companies that Theodore Roosevelt tried to shut down. Solely because it was a money laundering organization for the Klan.

I think that I have sufficiently proven my point about these entities and their utter and complete racist corruption, but not only that, they are completely tied to the Democrats, the Party of the Ku Klux Klan and racial discrimination. Lemme provide additional information from more of my daily reads. Click these links and the links inside the links, and further educate yourselves about who exactly these Democrats are, but keep in mind that the reason that they do what they do is for the sole purpose of keeping black folks on their side of the tracks.

Gateway Pundit provides info on how many times George W. Bush tried to stop this from happening.

Michelle Malkin provides information about Barry Obama's embezzlement and screwing of black folks for personal gain.

Michelle Malkin shows that Barry wishes you didn't have to be a citizen to vote.

Gateway Pundit provides info about the utter corruption of Chicago and Illinois Democrats. With Teddy Kennedy pr0n!

Gateway Pundit shows how Barry and his Chicago Mafia gets elected, they dumb down the folks in their state!

Reverse Vampyr provides further documentation of Bill Clinton's corruption and hatred of black folks.

Van Helsing points out how Democrats are trying to keep the money in the ACORN family with providing money from the bailout package to a group tied to Barry Obama and humongous voter fraud. SHOCKER!

Van Helsing offers a video of the history of the meltdown. Enjoy.

Still MORE BACKGROUND from Van Helsing. Dang, multiple intelligent posting so-and-so.

Not only are the Democrats trying to funnel money to ACORN and other decidedly criminal organizations, Harry Reid (Dumbass-Nevada) is trying to ban oil exploration and drilling in the bailout as well. At least we know how much the Democrats care about our economy, huh? And you know that Democrats are doing stuff DOUBLE SECRET ILLEGAL when even Reuters calls them on it.

Britt Hume tells the truth about the bailouts, without Teddy Kennedy pr0n!

And finally, he's so articulate and clean. Well, again, at least he's clean.

UPDATE: Since this post is such a downer, Everyday Should Be Saturday posts about the Federal bailout of USC Footbaw.

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