Thursday, September 04, 2008

Even More Damn Clarity - Damn and Double Damn

Please scroll down and read the two posts below this before reading this one. Purdy please.

Back? Good.

Okay, I do not consider this blog anything other than sarcastic humor type scribbling. Just read the "about me page." You'll see.

Well, did you see?

I write here on some serious topics from time to time, link stuff that I find informative and important, and scour the entire bloggy webs for stuff that makes me laugh or interests me. Yes, I get political sometimes, but mainly this blog is about making fun of people. And I enjoy doing that with no restrictions. It's just easier to make fun of the leftists because they are fucking stupid. Bunches stupid.

When I clambered from my cocoon this morning, I had over two hundred posts in my reader, most about Palin. Everyone was jizzing their skivvies at how good she did last night. Then I watched the speech. Three times.

Here's what I thought. "It's a political speech at the RNC." Trust me, I did not shuck off my dungarees and start flailing away at the trouser turtle like a bunch of folks did. Yes, she is attractive for a forty-four year old mother of five. So is her husband, but that doesn't mean that I want to jump the fence and let him plow my mud ditch. Dammit, you made me make my damn self sick.

Yes, I do prefer my President and Vice President to be attractive enough where I do not chunk my tacos whenever I see them, but really, the physical attractiveness of politicians falls so far down my list of traits that it doesn't register on the scale. Just please, no horns growing from your forehead or missing teeth, that I could not stand.

That entry two posts down is making fun of exactly what everyone in my reader was saying. Holy crap, it's like we have the second AND third coming of Christ in this election season. Everyone was talking about how she bashed Barry's lack of accomplishment and how pretty she was, and how her kids did this and that. I thought they sounded EXACTLY like the Obamaniacs.

And really, how hard is it to make fun of Barry? He makes eleventh grade cheerleaders look like fucking Winston Churchill. In case you haven't noticed, Barry Obama is a cellophane moron with nothing at all to say except HOPE and CHANGE! That plays really well in the insane asylum at Democratic Underground and DailyKos, but here on Earth, not so much.

So I made fun of the Sarah head's behavior, while still trying to say that all it was was a political speech. Read this line again, ALAS, I DID NOT GET A BONER.

Doesn't that say it all?

I got an e-mail this afternoon saying something about the sexist stuff being bandied about the web regarding Sarah Palin's attractiveness, that was the reason that I wrote the second post. It was a vain-glorious attempt to try to redirect the discussion away from screwing the VP candidate. Still that wasn't good enough, so now I pen this.

Sarah Palin is one person that is the VP running mate of John McCain. She has a vagina and I do not care. I am glad that she doesn't have those hideous cankles that Hillary has though. That is just not sexy at all.