Thursday, September 04, 2008

A typical clarification that is so often needed here

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I like Sarah Palin, that part is a given, normal people do. She reminds us of everything that is fine, upstanding, wholesome, and good about all the women that we cherish. She has the values that we love in our mothers and grandmothers. We can picture her crying as her son goes off to Iraq, just as we all have. We can picture her kissing her kids as they head off to school. We can imagine her receiving the anniversary gift from her high school sweetheart and husband of many years. We can imagine her pain, indecision, and homicidal rage as she watches her seventeen year old daughter being savaged by our national media. She is down-home goodness straight from the clothesline or a fingerhole honey filled biscuit hot from the oven.

If you do not know what a fingerhole honey filled biscuit is, you are going to Hell and you will not mind.

Even with all that Sarah Palin is, I do not like the Federal Government telling me what to do. As a matter of fact, that is kinda why the Minutemen kicked the shit out of King George's Army to begin this great nation. And then, those same guys turned around and etched that sentiment in friggin' stone.

And in time, morons blasted that stone to Hell and back.

Do you realize that the humongous, bloated federal government that we are oppressed by now is less than one hundred years old in its present form? Do you know that the same government that Barry wants to grow is the exact source of all of our society's ills? You know what the Hell I am saying, but you are afraid to speak up.

You are the master of your own future, UNLESS, you surrender that right to other men. The very reason that you liked what Sarah Palin had to say is that it is the exact thing that you want to say, but you think that you are alone in your thoughts. You think that keeping what you earn is SELFISH. And you have become to think that selfishness is a bad thing. It is not.

From the friggin' dictionary: selfishness is "holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making."

Upon what other premises are you going to base your decisions? "Ooooo, this decision actually benefits me, I better not do that!"

That very philosophy is the only basis for the Left to advocate war. The United States can only make war if it serves no purpose or benefit for the United States. They only advocate war if it is senseless. That is the very mark of evil, don't you think? To kill another man for absolutely no reason. Merciless homicide, solely for the sake of killing.

The modern definition of selfishness makes one yearn for failure, and punishes success. You don't believe me? Then why do the top fifty percent of wage earners pay 97% of all taxes? And do you realize that to be in that top fifty percent, you only have to make over 49,000 dollars a year?

Folks, that philosophy is asinine to the nth degree. Why would you actually belittle yourself and financially support someone that you do not even know? Charity to the worthless and idle. Why would you take from your own family to give to someone else to the point that it hurts your own blood relatives? Are you supposed to value all others above and beyond yourself? If so, then I suggest a healthy diet of lead from the barrel of a .44, because you have lowered your station to that of a slave. You have allowed yourself to become less than nothing.

Do you honestly love that hobo sleeping under the bridge more than your own family? Leftists think that you should.

What I have come to realize is that federal elections are about one thing, trying to elect those that do the least amount of damage to our individuality and personal freedoms. They are never going to get the Hell out of the way, none of them can do that, they long for power and control over YOU. And that is a monumental problem.

We have sat on our hands until there is an actual portion of the population that is screeching for medical services to be provided by the government with our money. At a greatly increased cost to us, the wealth producers.

We have sat on our hands until there is an actual portion of the population that is screeching for us to dismantle our military to free up money for government to spend on other things. Surrendering our country and our borders to give alms to the poor.

We have sat on our hands until there is an actual portion of the population that is screeching for us to allow women to abort babies even AFTER they are born. Thereby sanctioning government MURDER. Euthanasia or the murdering of the old and the infirm can't be too far behind. The poor shall be the very last to be killed, they vote enmasse.

We have sat on our hands until there is an actual portion of the population that is screeching that it is the responsibility of the federal government to teach our kids a certain philosophy. A philosophy of victimhood and begging. A philosophy of equality at the level of the lowest common denominator.

We have sat on our hands until there is an actual portion of the population that is screeching for us to submit our lives unto the collective and surrender our wants, needs, and desires. We have become unimportant to those that rule over us. Mental rape has already occurred, so physical rape cannot be too far behind.

We have sat on our hands until it is preferable for most people to regress to the point of becoming sheeple. We sacrifice our minds to the group conscience and wear our issued clothing proudly with the ring firmly in our nose to be led to the sacrificial altar.

Just so you know, I vehemently REFUSE to do any of the above. I am a man and I shall live my life as one. I shall never submit to tyranny in any form. I suggest that you decide along the same lines and take back our country.

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