Monday, September 22, 2008


Can someone please tell me just how in the mortal Hell Auburn can fall below tOSU in the rankings when they lost a hard fought game to LSU? tOSU beat TROY! Not the team, but a dude from South Columbus that drives a 1977 Trans-Camaro, wears sleeveless T-shirts, and has a mullet. Oh, and friggin' lurves Whitesnake! It was just one damn guy and he almost beat tOSU by himself!

Auburn fell five slots and tOSU falls ONE? And South Florida moves up one with a win over the winless Florida International Golden Panthers? Crap, it's like Keith Olbermann is running the polls.

Golden Panthers. Crap.

Does anyone else think that it is odd that uSCCC and Oklahoma are still atop the Rankings, when neither of them played? uSCCC has played TWO GAMES! Against no-damn-body! They played VIRGINIA and tOSU! How in the Hell can they even be in the Top 100, much less at the top of the damn rankings?

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