Monday, September 22, 2008

The NEW Politics of Personal Destruction

Okay, preaching to the choir, here, we all know that Barry Obama is wrong, wrong, wrong for anyone that is interested in protecting our individual rights. No, not the idiotic rights dreamed up by morons, like the right to a livable wage and medical services paid for by other people, but the ones guaranteed in our constitution.

Well, it is come to light exactly what he means by, "WE are the ones that WE have been waiting for." It means that Barry and his digital brownshirts are going to do whatever it takes to destroy anyone that opposes their desired future.

In THIS post from Dr. Rusty Shackleford and The Jawa Report, we find out exactly who is behind the blatant lies concerning Sarah Palin. The comments and news articles about her ties to the Alaska Independence Party, which have been proven FALSE, seem to stem from one place. Can you guess who is spreading the lies?

Barry Obama and a far leftwing PR firm! No, really, is that such a shocker? Do you want to know what adds insult to that injury? The same PR firm represents none other than Valerie Plame. Remember her?

And do you know the voice on the newest slime video? The same voice-over woman is on all of the videos produced by AKP&D. Do you know runs AKP&D? No? David Axelrod. Who the Hell? None other than Barry Obama's campaign manager.

Folks, there is a major problem here. Our country is under attack by morons, we must repel all boarders. Barry Obama should be arrested and sued. Oh, he has no clue how to do what is being done, he is a moron, but his staff is a bunch of sleazies. The Democrats have nominated someone that will stop at nothing to ruin our great country and he has the staff that wants just that.

The real question is, "Who is pulling the Obamoron's puppet strings?"

This is who the Democrats have nominated and he is not a US citizen. He is shown here explaining how he gets his grinder monkey to dance.

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