Monday, September 22, 2008

Keith Olbermann is a Douchebag

Man, I just watched a seven minute Olbermann video at The Jawa Report and all I have to say is "Holy Fuck, what moron gave this moron yet ANOTHER job?" Dude, when they kicked Olbermann off ESPN for setting the moron bar so high that John Kruk couldn't jump over it, I seriously thought that Keith would be mowing grass for a living in a couple of weeks time, but FUCK ME RUNNING! MSNBC gave that douche a job talking about politics! Did you know that the only reason he wears glasses is to keep from putting his eyes out with his eating utensils? For the love of Pete man, Olbermann makes Barry Obama look like someone that knows the alphabet!

I have never watched "The Moron Minute" or whatever the Hell his program is called, shit I listened to Keith and Dan Patrick for a while on the radio. The fact that Dan Patrick could even talk to Keith without absolutely beating his ass all day long was amazing to me. Keith Olbermann was too damn stupid to do sports talk, why in the mortal Hell did anyone ask him to talk about politics?

Anyhoo, he and some other dipshit were talking about Sarah Palin and her religiosity and it was quite frankly like listening to two fourteen year old girls play with a Ouija board. I cannot believe that more than seven people watch anything that this moron does. Little known fact, Keith's mother and father abandoned him when he was a child because even they hate him.

After watching that video, I quickly looked up everything I could find on MSNBC just to see what kind of humongous clusterfuck it could possibly be. Guess what? It is a complete and utter failure and should have been shut down in 1998, but Hell to the naw. Steve Ballmer even hates it. Christ, why doesn't someone shut that shit down?

Stock tips: Dump General Electric and anything to do with NBC Universal. They will be broke in a year.

I am forming a line to beat the shit out of Keith Olbermann, in the five minutes since the line formed, the end is already approaching Jupiter.

Check out the new label made for Keith.


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