Friday, September 26, 2008

NCAA Footbaw and Politics! It's College Gameday Time!

First up, Emmitt Smith breaks down the debates. If you are not a sports fan that is familiar with Emmitt's work, you are in for a treat.

Dang, almost a full schedule this weekend! Only the 21st ranked Vanderbilt Creepiness has a BYE. Well, at least I am assuming that they changed their name when they produced the most hideous weirdness in mascots, even eclipsing Steely McBeam. Admit it, Steeler fan, yours is the only other mascot that scares the fuck out of children.

Fun? Oh, Hell yeah, in the same vein as Pennywise is fucking fun.

On to the money show! Who ya' got?????

Ole Miss gets the fuck outta town ahead of the moron parade to head to the heat sink in Gainesville. Gates are favored by 22.5. While Ole Miss is certainly not the worst team in the SEC, they are not very good. However, giving 22.5 in an SEC game is hard for me. Except for this game. Take Florida plus the over 49.

Arkansas has to make up the hurricane game against Texas. Texas is favored by 27.5 with the over at 59. I gotta take the Razorpigs on this one. Texas is good, but just not that damn good. Stay off the O/U.

Tennessee (+6.5) at Auburn. O/U at 40. This game bores me for some reason. It could be that I consider Tennessee the Atlanta of the SEC. Dunno why, they just do not belong in my book. Take Auburn and the under.

Western Kentucky(+21) at Kentucky. O/U 44.5. I mean really who gives an absolute shit about this game? Oh, yeah Kentuckians. Well, I just called my Kentucky friend, Clem Hardknocker and he says, "Take Kentucky and the over."

UAB (+26.5) at USC. O/U 48. I haven't got a good feel for this one, but everything that I know tells me to go with USC and the over. Book it.

The We Suck Bulldogs of my alma mater (+25) at Death Valley. O/U 39. Here's a shocker, pick State and the under. I just got one of them there hunches. Even though We Suck has absolutely no offense at all.

Finally, the game of the week, Bammeroids (+7) v. My NEW Bulldawgs. O/U 45. UGA has had two back to back games that were tough on them. Bammer has not. I hate thinking about this one because it is the upset special here at "Free Money Betting the Two Dogs Way!" Fuck, take Bammer and the under. I hate that, too. Please let this be a loser for me, well except for the money part.

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