Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ole Miss Debate - The Two Dogs Way

I score the first debate to Obama. Why? Well, because Barry is a simpering dumbass and he was actually able to control his seething anger throughout most of the debate. He also maintained his record of fourteen days in a row of not getting his head stuck in a bucket in public. Most telling, lying through his teeth posed no problem for him at all. Successful politicians need to be able to lie at will and Barry proved that he is Albert Pujols in the lying position.

John McCain turned in a lackluster performance in my opinion because he never called Barry on the lying. True, McCainiac did school Obama on the Middle East, but really, don't you expect that from someone that has been there umpteen-eleventy threeve times? We all know that Barry knows nothing at all about the Middle East and that he is a moron.

So, assuming the most folks that lurve them some Barry are admitted idiots, do you honestly think that the debate swayed anyone? Isn't that what it is supposed to do?

Just so you know, the thing that I think that Barry lied the most about is the military. During the debate, he actually said that he was FOR a missile defense system. That is the mostestest blatant out and out lie that any man has ever told in the history of the world.

Sitting and watching this blithering douchebag talk about a military that he has pledged to decimate, makes me ill. Obama has no shame at all. If the guy had ever possessed any class at all, he would simply abstain when asked about our military.

Watch. Again and again.

Know that the Obamessiah is a typical lying Democrat from Chicago.