Saturday, September 27, 2008

College Gameday - Since We are Americans (UPDATED)

The Four Letter Network offers widgets, but oddly, the Scoreboard widget has to be replaced weekly? Who in the Hell is your coder, you morons? Why not just make a simple widget that updates itself and you just place that widget in your weekly footbaw post? And why not just give me the code to the widget instead of having to post it from ESPN? Dang, is there anyone on your staff that is NOT a mouth-breather?

UPDATE: Sorry, I just realized that the widget in the post from last week just updated. Sorry, ESPN, you are not as stupid as I thought, I was wrong and I hope that some day soon, you forgive me and we can go out again and be like the star-struck lovers that we used to be. I love you and I apologize.

UPDATE II: Here's how I did. My picks in blue with the results to the side in red.

Ole Miss @ Florida Over LOSER on the pick, WINNER on the O/U
Arkansas @ Texas No Pick on the O/U LOSER!
Tennessee @ Auburn Under LOSER on the pick, WINNER on the O/U
Western Kentucky @ Kentucky Over WINNER on the pick, LOSER on the O/U by 1 point!
UAB @ South Carolina Over LOSER both ways.
MSU Under @ LSU WINNER on the pick, LOSER on the O/U
Alabama Under @ UGA WINNER on the pick, LOSER on the O/U

Deddy went three and four for the week. I am now below .500. Because UGA blew the entire BCS Rankings. Thanks fuckers.

This is going to be terrible to watch, I bet even LSU falls in the polls. The Bammeroid Crimson Elephants will move up, MAYBE. Auburn probably will not.

Anyhoo. Footbaw. Saturday. Footbaw.

Scoreboard Removed.

Go Dawgs.

Please take the time to drink a beer and enjoy college footbaw.