Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, Well, I Got a Bracelet, Too!

*Holds breath until his lips turn purple.*

Most of us know exactly how dishonest the Obamessiah was during the debate on Friday. It was frustrating to watch McCainiac be hampered by actually telling the truth while Barry made up every lie that he could possibly imagine and Jim Lehrer just smiled his dopey moronic smile and let them go on.

But, do you think that Barry is so absolutely corrupt and dishonest that he could actually lie about the KIA bracelet on his arm? Folks, he lied. That in itself should immediately disqualify someone from ever holding public office. Barry publicly and quite loudly claimed that the mother of a fallen soldier gave him that bracelet to remind him to make sure that no other parents had to go through what they did.

Actually, the mother gave him that bracelet so he would simply know their son's name. And they have repeatedly asked him to NOT wear it. Why would he ignore their wishes? Also, Sergeant Jopek's mother is actually a Barry supporter and Barry STILL doesn't care what she wants in regards to her son. Telling. LINK.

Another childish "Gotcha" moment in the debate occurred when Barry tried to lie about Dr. Henry Kissinger supporting Barry's plan for the talks with Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Dr. Kissinger actually disputed Barry's claims before the debate even concluded, but of course, you will never hear about the lies Barry told about Kissinger.

Anyhoo, hopefully Sarah Palin can get the McCain campaign back on track this Thursday night during the debate with Captain Gaffetastic. Do understand that my handicapping skills put the line at Palin (+11) against the sleazy moron from Delaware. All she has to so is be nice, until it's time to not be nice.

How will she when it's time to not be nice? I'll tell her.

Doubleplus good stuff:

And, even the New York Times used to tell the truth about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Shocker, it was the Democrats and the Bill Clinton administration that caused the current problems. Wow, the blind hog found a corn cob.

Dr. Sanity provides MORE on Barry's ties to the meltdown. Read that damn LINK, DAMMIT!

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Sarah M. Arnold said...

Bravo. Nice post.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, youngster. I have all intentions in going back to you read more of your stuff. I must say that I am very impressed with what I read earlier today.

Sarah M. Arnold said...

Thanks! Looking forward to your comments. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! Looking forward to your comments. :)