Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Good Lord. Sports Writers are Retarded.

Well, just a little shake up to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that the polls are no longer needed.

UGA falls eight frigging slots with a defeat by the number eight team in the country Alabama, who then moves to number two. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

uSCCC loses a blowout game to Oregon State that is NOT ranked in the top fifty, yet they fall eight slots and stay in the Top Ten? Do you need any more evidence that the sports writers are busy wearing out the knees in their Sears Toughskins fellating Pete Carroll? Zipper in the back for Petey. Holy crap. Do y'all realize that the vaunted uSCCC Trojans lost to a two-year community college that only offers ONE Associate degree and that is in Mayonnaise Farming? Shit.

LSU moves up two places with a win over Mississippi State? Are y'all fucking crazy?

Penn State moves up six slots with a win over Illinois? Are y'all fucking crazy?

South Florida moves up three slots with a win over NC State? Are y'all fucking crazy? Good Lord, didn't you learn your damn lessons voting for Hawaii and Rutgers? Shit, y'all are stupid.

tOSU stays in the same slot at NUMBER FOURTEEN? They played MINNESOTA, who has played no one!!!! Are y'all fucking crazy?

Why not just go ahead and put Duke in the top slot, you have proven it means nothing.

Oh shit, I am heading to whup some ass. We are never going to get a legitimate damn college football champion as long as these morons are in charge. It's like Barry Obama is running the damn show. Fuckers.

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