Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Problems in Perfectville

In keeping with only positive Barry Obama being spoken here.....

Sorry, I woke up to a fire in the works on one of my projects, so not much time to post. I just wanted to leave y'all with a little to chew on.

There is a move underfoot to give 700 BILLION dollars to the people that basically allowed the Democrats to nationalize the country's mortgage industry and all of the banks. It is my opinion that this move is sandpoundingly stupid and will further degrade our freedoms.

In lieu of bailing out Barry Obama's campaign economic advisors and giving still more money to morons, I propose that we storm the Capitol, perform a citizen's arrest on Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Barry Obama, and Hillary Clinton, tie them to stakes and burn them to death. All on national television.

Who's with me?

Please take the time to comment.


Roland Hulme said...

Hillary Clinton isn't flammable and I can't afford cans of gasoline with prices at $4 a gallon!

But I'm with you on principle!