Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things that need to be said....

Bailing out the market using taxpayer money kinda kills the finances of the people that invest in the market, huh?

Giving money to people that have been irresponsible with money in the past is kinda stupid.

Not having term limits on Congressional members is the surest path to the failure of our country.

Anyone that thinks that these are the only businesses that are going to get taxpayer money is crazy.

Wanna bet that the Democrats are going to try to throw in some pandering to poor folks in this bailout package? I'm thinking forgiveness of auto loans and student loans are the only things that are really going to come from this.

What do you think that forgiving auto loans and student loans are going to do to our economy?

Do you really need The New York Times to tell you that this is a monumentally bad idea? Well, they aren't going to do that unless the Obamessiah tells them to do that.

Has there ever been a time in your past when it was actually enjoyable to watch a PAC-10 football game?

Add yours to the comments.