Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago Today

What can you say? It was seven years ago today when we all watched our country attacked by Muslims.

TWO THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR of our family members, neighbors, friends, wives, husbands, and children were brutally murdered by religious whackjobs Hell-bent on killing as many innocent people as they could.

It forever changed the world. It affected me deeply because I blame this attack for the loss of my wife. People that were not even there, were still changed forever. And we will never forget that day. The attack was my generation's Pearl Harbor and I shall think of the spineless morons that attempted to break our country's spirit as long as I live. Still they make threats and plot the destruction of our country. We can be strong and fight back or we can surrender and be enslaved or murdered by idiots still stuck in the sixth century.

And I shall never forgive those people responsible. As long as I can draw a breath, I shall curse their names and their murderous religion. And I shall carry that hatred to my grave.

Never forget. We miss y'all folks.

G_d bless America.

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I am out of town today, y'all play nice and I'll check in when I get back. Just know that I missed y'all today.