Saturday, September 06, 2008

Talking Back to Stupid People - Again

From an actual e-mail: u (sic) are afriad (sic) of Barrack (sic) Obama because you cannot stand for african (sic) americans (sic) to move from the slums

Punctuation and dictionaries are good, embrace them.

Yes, Barack Obama is actually someone that I would refer to as African-American. His low-rent father was Kenyan, his radical mother was spawned in this country. African-Americans are few and far between, though. Teresa Heinz Kerry is another one, Ernie Els, too. A twentieth generation US born Black person doesn't qualify in my opinion. I guess that Tom Cruise is a Xenu/Thetan-American, huh?

BUT! I challenge you to find the slum from which he moved. He is a silver-spoon baby that has never had to accomplish anything in his very long life, so therefore he didn't. Witness his life's score card, empty of all but the most minimal of achievement.

Yes, he is a college graduate, but that is required in this day and age to afford to live. I liken that to graduating from the eighth grade. That is simply because our public school system is so awful because of people like Barry.

I am bitterly opposed to Barry Obama becoming President of the United States of America because he is really, really dumb. Or evil, take your pick, there are no other choices.

A philosophy based on success and achievement will set you free, my friend, not voting for someone because he looks like you.

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