Saturday, September 06, 2008

Since you know what is important

If you shall please take notice, the Four Letter has offered widgets for the important things in your life. Namely the NCAA Bowl Championship Series College Football Rankings, known to normal people, sans head in ass, as Division I-A. That would the friggin' huge, ugly thing on the sidebar. There are pulldowns for AP, USA Today, and the BCS rankings. No, don't waste your time with the BCS yet.

Note: But, you can try hitting different keystrokes with your cursor over the widget, 'cause I hit "Control K" and got a photograph of Sarah Palin wearing just US flag bikini bottoms (no top) and holding a gun while watching Sputnik (or whatever the Hell her oldest daughter's name is) giving birth to Pony-Boy (or whatever the Hell the youngest son's name is), while lying about putting the Alaska jet on E-Bay and screaming the n-word while pissing on an endangered polar bear and executing, by firing squad, her ex-brother in law. Try "Control K," I could only get it to do that once, though.

Anyhoo, judging by the way that everyone dropped chinos and took it in the mud ditch last week to push USC up two slots to number one with a win over VIRGINIA! who struggled today against the Richmond Signlanguagers, USC should fall at least seven slots. You know, since they didn't play. Not only that, their strength of schedule is somewhere in the thirties, while UGA is currently at number three.

Anyhoo, again, UGA should move up to number one, tOSU should move up to number two with that WHOPPER win over the Ohio Rust, WTF?, and straight down the line to USC at number seven. If, B-I-G IF, there is a lick of sense in the ranking system. And the only reason that I say USC should stop falling at number seven is because LSU didn't play either. They got a hurricane pass against Troy (I think they are "The Smiths"), game to be made up in November, I think.

Please try to keep it in mind that the PAC-10 and the Big-10 (11) are not really footbaw. It does look like footbaw to people that do not know footbaw (or anything that deals with footbaw) but alas, it is not, shall we say, footbaw.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, my alma mater, the We Suck Bulldogs, garnered a win (34-10) in Starkvegas today over the Lions of Southwesteasterncentral Louisiana University Agricultural, Technical, Plumbing, and Certified Refrigeration School in the temporary building on the Hammond Campus located just off Route Nine on the frontage road. You should really see the business cards from those affiliated with the "school" and hear the cheers for the Lions, they gots a buncha syllables in them. Their team looks pretty good, but I bet them boys are looking forward to when the college can afford helmets. And pants.

Daaaadandandandaaaaaa! We......Suck! We..suck!

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