Sunday, September 07, 2008

Leftwing Media Folks are Crazy

There has been a story festering for a couple of days now that tries to promote the idea that Sarah Palin called Barry Obama a "Sambo." Let's assume that she did and let the chips fall where they may.*

The story of Little Black Sambo was written in 1899, and like all books NOT written in my lifetime, it is fucking stupid on the par of Moby Dick or You Can't Go Home Again.

The story is literally the entire plotline of Barry Obama's entire existence. Sambo, or Barry, gives all his stuff to a bunch of tigers so they will not eat him and then lies, sneaks, and cheats to get his stuff back. And then some. So, calling Barry a Sambo is applicable, don't you think?

Barry immediately slurping Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer's choads comes to mind, you know. And now what? They are not only returning the favor, but are pushing him to be president. And then some.

Oh wait! The media is arguing that Palin used "Sambo" as a racial slur. Awwwww, I get it now. Since she didn't call him a watermelon-eating, tire-swinging, unzipped pants pimping, blue-gummed porch monkey, it has to be her subtlety that we have to admire, right? So, I am to assume that this media story is a positive spin on her calling Barry a Sambo?

You know, subtlety so obscure that no one even knows what the Hell you are talking about.

You know, I think that in an effort to smear Saran Palin, the rumor that aliens from outer space impregnated her daughter with a Downs baby is more likely to be accepted than the Sambo idiocy.

Okay, if you want to continue the discussion about the way that Barry looks, that's fine, but the most glaring thing that I see is that continent growing next to his nose and the weathervanes on the sides of his head. His blackness pales in comparison. Ha, pales.

Does anyone else find it odd that the really dumb people flock to the really dumb candidate?

And Asians are good at math, but bad at driving.

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* No, I assume that she didn't say it because it is a fucking stupid thing to say because no one knows who the fuck Sambo is. Well, except for a few of us that grew up in Mississippi in the 1960's.