Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wait, Joe Biden Lies, Too? Awesome!

When you have "Footbaw" and "Politics" as two of the topics in your reader, sometimes weird things can happen. And as a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan in my youth, guess what professional footbaw team I hated? Yes, the Steelers. So, I kinda know the friggin' Steelers from let's say 1970 through their championship years.

Weird how I caught this little tidbit in a Washington Post story about that lying sack of shit Joe Biden.

He is talking about his family in a car wreck in 1972. 1972. 1972.
Now he accepts it as part of his appeal. On Friday night, when Obama and Biden met Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh, Biden recounted how "Old Mr. Rooney" -- Steelers owner Dan Rooney -- dispatched some players from his championship team to the hospital room in Wilmington where Biden's two toddler sons, Beau and Hunter, were recovering from the accident. They brought the boys an autographed football as a Christmas present.

One question, what championship? And he has been a Steelers fan since the day that the Steelers went back in time with their Lombardi Trophy to 1972 to pay homage to Joe Biden's family. Joe Biden is a fucking liar.

And also, if John McCain is so damn old, why would Obama have someone that is fully five years older working on his campaign? Contradictory MUCH?

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