Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Traveling is Important to Get Elected

Today's new idiocy meme is that you must have been a globetrotter to be elected, according to the mainstream media. Screech! Palin has only been to Germany and Kuwait and no place else! This rivals the "Palin was not pregnant, but that the youngest son was actually her grandson" lunacy. You know oddly, most normal people cannot afford to go jet-setting around the globe because over 50% of their income is confiscated by bullshit. I know, Barry is not normal.

Let's go there. Has Barry been to Alaska? He stated earlier in the campaign that his trainers would not allow him to go, so score one for Palin. She lives there. So, to me, as a normal human being that happens to love my country, traveling to bushy-pit France kinda doesn't rank high on my list of "achievements."

Holy shit, you mean Barry is capable of getting on a plane and NOT looking like an imbecile? Gasp and swoon!

Oddly enough, I have been to France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, all of the Caribbean Islands, AND Hawaii (now there's a fucking shithole). No, I have never been to any of the Asian countries, nor Middle Eastern countries, nor any of the African countries, nor Australia. I have been to about forty (maybe more, I care not to even list them for a numerical count) of our states and not just to suck their choads either, it was because I was interested in seeing and meeting OUR COUNTRY. You know, the one that I love?

Barry has been to Kenya. BIG. FUCKING. DEAL. I have been to Camden, Tchula, and Sugar Ditch, Mississippi, it is the same damn thing. The currency is different and the standard of living is too, but the song remains the same.

Has Barry ever been here? What about Joe Biden? Can you even imagine either one of those turds ever cutting grass? Seriously, don't you have a mental image of cute little Barry wearing white sailor skirt and a bonnet at an abortion rally with his pagan mother? What could a normal person ever have in common with Barry or Biden? Can you even picture either of them going one week without a manicure or a pedicure?

People, please think about who and what you are and determine which party is the party of normal people.

Lord, how I hate talking and posting about this. Please help me stop and not care anymore.