Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yay! Simply a Rant w / F-Bombs Galore!

Immediate UPDATE: Claney sent in this LINK. Yet another douchebag smearing Sarah Palin. Todd, please e-mail me, it's right there on the sidebar. I want to tag into the ass-whupping. I will pay my OWN DAMN WAY to help!

Every so often, I feel the need to vent. Life has been throwing me lemons here lately, so y'all get to be the juicer while I'm making you know what.

Here's my opinion, John McCain is a tool. The mainstream news media used to fellate him like a bunch of nymphomaniac, low self-esteem porn fluffers, but when the Obamessiah showed up with his fistfuls of dead babies and a backpack of socialism, they chunked Johnny under HIS OWN DAMN BUS of idiocy.

John McCain held on to the front bumper, then slid down the undercarriage of the bus to the passenger compartment, cut through the flooring with his false teeth, and drug himself inside, then grabbed the wheel of the idiot bus and headed back onto the highway of sanity to fiscal conservatism, anti-corruption, and good government with the pick of Sarah Palin for his vice presidential running mate, simply because she has proven that she knows how the fuck to drive. Just take a good look at her examples! The news dumbasses spit up their collectivist skulls and have made an all out effort to browbeat this damn good woman into submission.

These are people that are fucking paid to report the damn news, not lie to the unwashed masses about things that that fucking moron, Markos Moulitsas spits out of his fucking tinfoil hat. In case, y'all are not aware, Markos Moulitsas is the vermin that runs DailyKos, the single most disgusting moron site on the web. He is the epitome of utter douchebag. And his followers lower the bar to the utter depths of insanity. Not only that, they appear to be actual VOTERS!

Is it any wonder that no good people ever run for public office and we are continually faced with nothing but the dregs of society from which to choose? Fuck! The damn Democrats have nominated a fucking moron for PRESIDENT with absolutely no damn experience with anything other than failure and subversive terrorists and racists! And he is heralded as THE ONE by the morons in the media. The fact that Barry Obama is not unemployed and literally gets the shit beat out him daily by normal people, dumbfounds me. If you listen to one of his SCRIPTED speeches where all he does is read someone else's words, he sounds like a dumbass. Barry Obama makes Al Gore look like someone that can actually perform basic mathematics and, dude, that is fucking hard to do.

Futhermore, you have a fucking Klan Kleagle in Senator Byrd (D-WV) that is upheld as the "Conscience of the Senate" and a fat, fucking drunk, murdering philanderer with a Blue Lagoon-like Noshfest video kicking off the Democrat National Convention. In case you don't who that last person is, it is Teddy Kennedy, the guy that for all practical purposes MURDERED an innocent woman in 1969 and is still running wild and free. To add even more to the mix, you have William Jefferson an elected official from Louisiana that got National Guard troops to helicopter him in to New Orleans after the flood, so he could remove his 90,000 dollars in BRIBE MONEY from his freezer and that son of a bitch is running for reelection this year.

And Joe Biden for Vice President? A seventh grader can do the research necessary to point out how fucking corrupt that guy is. His son, brother, hell everyone that he knows is under investigation for corruption. He also is a record setting moron. "Israel, you just have to accept a nuclear Iran because they are Muslims and I hate Jews!"

Now, the same news media that refuses to publically hang, draw, and quarter these scum low lifes in the Democrat Party, want to pillory an seventeen year old girl. If I was Todd Palin, I would busy myself for the next thirty years beating the mortal shit out of anyone, and I mean ANYONE that dared to talk about my daughter the way that these morning "news" show scum have been doing today. Not to mention those awful things said about my wife and youngest son!

Holy shit, Barry said that anyone in his campaign caught pushing these issues would be fired and guess the fuck what? Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski STILL HAS HIS JOB! I guess that Barry lied yet again. Can anyone tell me when Tooly McSuperdouche ever fucking told the truth about anything? You know what is really damn funny? Why have Barry and Michelle Obama's names NOT come up in the Eliot Spitzer WHORE FEST? Isn't that friggin' odd? Their names are never mentioned! That MUST mean that they were involved with prostitution! I bet Michelle is the "bisquit" in the bukkake party! I bet Barry was the choreographer and director of the videos!

On a sincere note, Mr. Palin, you have my word that if you so much as decide to do anything about the drivel being spewed about your daughter, you wife, and your family, I shall come to where EVER you start the ass-whupping and lend two hands. I know of seven of my friends that are more than willing to help and trust me, you do NOT want these guys hunting you down.

And to anyone that is offended by my language in this post, please hold your hostility for those that have attacked a seventeen year old girl that is about to grow up really fast. You know a seventeen year old girl that is dealing with the same damn issue that Barry's own damn mother dealt with when she was pregnant with his sorry stupid ass.

Please take the time to comment.

I will resume normal profanity filtering right now.